How long to listen to each day?


Hi everyone, I just got the Primal Seduction subliminal, and would like some clarification on how long a session of listening should last each day optimally.

I’ve looked throughout the website, in this forum and in the instructions pdf that came along with the product but none of these actually have an answer. Please direct me appropriately if I missed something.



As many hours as you can, up to around sixteen. That’s why we advocate the “set and forget” method. It really helps balance exposure.


Got it.
Another question regarding Ultrasonic:
How far should I be away from the source of the subliminal? If I play it on my computer (VLC) but my bed is about 6-8 ft away from it, will it still work?


Play something else from your computer at a volume that is loud enough to hear but not so loud that is unecessary - essentially just comfortable level. Use Frequensee app to note the -dB level you’re playing at. Then run an ultrasonic and adjust your volume settings so that the peak on the right of the graph is at the level you noted earlier.


Got it. Yet another question, would listening to music while the subliminal is playing diminish the desired effects of it in any way?


Use frequensee app again to make sure music or other audio source isn’t playing so loud that it would “drown out” the subliminal. For good measure I set it so at it’s tallest peak it doesn’t go above what the subliminal is playing at. Admittedly it can make it a little difficult to listen to, especially when going into another room temporarily but overall it’s quite manageable.


Thanks for answering my questions! testing