How long before moving onto next sub?


What would be the best time frame to move onto another set of subs? I am currently on 3 subs (2 for physical appearance/seduction and 1 for wealth). I would assume one would move on once they achieved their desired result but what are some typical time frames?


this takes time, you move on to the next when you see the desired result. the time frame is different for people, depending on how much of you must change to get in allignment with your ideal self.

so dont set unrealstic timeline to switch to subs,

Decide whats your priority and stick to that sub until the results are realistically evident. it may take weeks or even months. but stick to one thing, dont dabble between subs. eventually your desired result will manifest.

youll know when you are ready, as of now, im still on my first program starting jan 28th. ive added a few enhaching modules however sticking to the goal until its thru.


Well, I definitely want to become my desired self in the areas that I am working on now but I also need to use Limitless because I would like the ability to absorb information like a sponge so I can move forward in my business ventures quicker.

The issue is that I want all of these now- looks/seduction, money and also fitness and learning/productivity


Listen to Seductress and Stark they both should help in most of those.


My current stack is seductress, sex/seduction and mogul.

II really need limitless though but dont want to over do it


I would get Stark and just run seductress and stark for a few weeks and see how that goes then maybe add either mogul or sex/seduction


too much, break it down to whats your priority, which ONE of these do you want most?

these subliminals are not quick fixes and trying to fix everything at one time, will only derail you further from your goal.

use a progressive approach, first take any one of this, listen to the subliminals, while you take real world action on it.

Dont get lost in the options, there are too many. build it layer by layer and take this as a journey in rebuilding yourself, not a mini vacation from who you really are.

All the best!


I would like to refine this one if I may. You move on when you are able to maintain the desired result. If you stop listening and proceed to fall back into old habits, you’re right back where you started.

So once the new behaviors become habit, you can choose to switch. Or bask in your newfound self for a bit.

You don’t need anything. Limitless unlocks what’s already there. If your desire to learn and absorb like a sponge is strong enough, it’ll happen all on its own. Subliminals exist to help you overcome your faulty programming. That part of you that wants everything to stay just like it is.

I agree with most posts in this thread. In the Age of Q, keep your stacks small.

My advice would be to run Seductress for a while. It will make you feel comfortable in your skin, proud of your accomplishments and likely much more positive in life.

That has a tendency to bring in some of the other components you’re looking for as well. People and wealth are attracted to those that are feeling positive about themselves and life in general.

If you start itching for more, you can add Mogul or Limitless, neither is very dense in what their goals are.


Personally I would say 6 months is the maximum and 3 months is the minimum to make sure you have attain permanent results.