How is Coronavirus affecting Sub Club R&D? Resiliency?


Just wondering in general how the pandemic might be affecting the trajectory of R&D at Sub Club? I think some sort of Sub targeted at extreme resiliency for times of crisis and the qualities needed to build it could be useful to a lot of people.


Honestly, it’s speeding things up. We have a lot more time on our hands to work on things since we’re both in self-quarantine, working remote full-time. We’ve got something exciting in the works that will be announced soon.


stark stark stark? :heart_eyes:



Well atleast that’s a silver lining. I had to post phone my eye treatment thanks to the request for quarantine in India (was all ready to fly tomorrow). So this news from SubClub is something to look forward to.


I wouldn’t be surprised if the trials for EmpQ to see how much they can fit in the script was mainly to see if they could make Stark a reality.


So, anyway, part of my purpose here was to present the idea of a sub that might be focused upon the idea of resiliency, and of holding up and even thriving when everything is breaking down and everyone around is falling apart.

This, to me, could be very useful, especially given the ongoing and quite likely long lasting crisis the entire world is now experiencing.


Sanguine. Already exists, look no further!


I’ve been hella enjoying EmpQ. And we got a eta on the announcement?