How I stopped using stimulants


So in the last 2 years I’ve been using stimulants (prescribed by doctor) to control seemingly ADD sympthoms. I did not use it every day actually but at least 3-4 time a week. My memory was awful on this thing - I truly could sit for hours studying and working but the actual % of information that got into my brain was maybe only 25% of what I’ve read and studied. My grades was actually pretty good (I’m a pharmacist and law student) but the side effects from stimulants was pretty bad. In the first hour of use (of stimulants), I felt a bit of euphoria, then focus for like 7 hours and after that an headache, fatigue and anger.
My train of thought was a disaster - I could not complete a complex thought without losing my train of thought, and that’s why I did not have enough confidence with answering questions in front of my class because I was afraid I will lose my train of thought in the middle of the answer.

I’ve looked for an answer to my “train of thought” issues and fell on Limitless 2.0 (which I never bought or used), then QL arrived, and I decided to give it a try.

After 2 weeks of using ST1, I felt that I don’t need stimulants anymore, because I could sit and study almost without interruption plus the information flew into my brain with ease - I actually felt that I’m in a healing process and my brain thanked me for that. So I kept using ST1 for a full month, and then started ST2. ST2 was different - at first I felt a bit of tachycardia and unease but after a day or so it disappeared. To be honest I didn’t like ST2 so much because I didn’t feel the FOCUS state that I felt with ST1 (but I felt that the healing process is still there!), so I decided to trust the system and used it for a full month. Today I’m on my 5th day of ST3, and I’m feeling more focused, confident and my “train of thought” that I was missing so much is back again. I was actually able to give a lecture in front of my law class and my professor on a complex antitrust and pharmaceutical topic without the fear of losing my train of thought. Furthermore, it takes me much less time to study for an exam and I can actually study to more than one exam at once, because I get the information much quicker even if it’s a complex one.

Will keep you posted on that topic :slight_smile:


That’s just awesome!!!


AHHH I want to get this so bad, but quadpay denied me So i have to come up with the money quickly. But I have to run this…too many stellar reviews!