How effective are superchargers on phone speaker?


How effective are superchargers on phone speaker?
I broke my headphones, and can’t afford one soon.


Which supercharger?


These are the supercharger s that I have.


I use them on SOS basis


@Michel btw, I was wondering how your eye is doing now?


My eyes still work :joy:

Maybe you meant @raphael?


@raphael please forgive me for this mess up :pray:

How is your eye doing now?


Superchargers are guided audio with ultrasonics in the background. They don’t use binaurals or something like that. So using the phone speaker is fine, unless your phone’s speaker is so bad it makes the proper English girl sound like a not-so-proper Scottish man. :wink:

Some superchargers might sound pretty good with Sean Connery though. Only the meditative man may pass…

Do try and listen somewhere where you can have some quiet, you should be able to focus on the supercharger without getting distracted.


@mecharc - it’s better than before i did my stem cell treatment. Will be going for the treatment again at the end of March.