How do I use KHAN! Strategy?


Hello good people of the subs world. A good friend recommended I give KHAN a try so I bought it yesterday. I’m not new to subs (another vendor) but I don’t want to use their strategy as I have no idea if it will play nicely with Khan.

I read the instructions and I totally understand them, but my question goes as to listening. Should I only listen to 1 track daily, weekly monthly? Should I listen to the all the tracks one after another and then start over and do it again? Just trying to get a game plan.

I searched and read as much as I could, but I really didn’t see this strategy covered anywhere. Might have missed it, but anyway that’s why I’m asking.

In all honesty I won’t be posting much, if anything at all. I run a successful business with a nice sized community so my time is focused on that. I am always looking for anything that better peoples lives so that’s why I’m here. I’m not trying to sound like a dick, just keeping real with the community.

So again as to strategy?

Thank you in advance for any guidance you might offer.


Hello and welcome to Subliminal Club.

You choose whatever is most comfortable at the moment - ultrasonic or masked. Your playlist can be composed of just one subliminal (for example Khan ST1), or you can stack it, since here we encourage experimentation and our subliminals fit like puzzle pieces with each other (for example, Khan ST1 followed by Limitless).

If you’re doing a multi stage subliminal, you can listen to the stages in order, so ST1, then after a month ST2, and so on - OR, if you really want to experiment, you can mix and match with other stages or subliminals, depending on your need. An example of this would be combining Khan ST3, which is extremely focused on taking action towards women and dominance and Limitless, allowing you to learn faster with the action taking of ST3.

While there are no strict rules to listening, there are good reasons for the different stages, hence both options are viable and will depend on the individual.

If you need any other information or help, feel free to ask.


Okay cool. Thank you for the info.


So far, I’m impressed! Absolutely feel invigorated after each listening session. Been listening to all 4 one after the other throughout the night.


Glad to hear it! Anything you can elaborate upon in particular?