How do I stack these?


I’m planning to run StarkQ+QuantumLimitless+Beyond limitless
But I don’t know how to make a playlist of these. Please help me


Quantum Limitless


Quantum Limitless

Use VLC or similar application that allows you to create playlist.
It really is personal preference to how you stack it or application you use.

@raphael Any recommendations?


@emoxd - I would recommend:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday:

-StarkQ + Quantum Limitless

-Play one loop each of both StarkQ and QL (one loop for starters) during sleep time or wake time, as you please.

-You can increase the loops as you get comfortable.

-Each stage (ST1, ST2, ST3, ST4) for one month minimum.

-Take rest from these two in the other days

Beyond Limitless Ultima you can play one loop of it any day before you study/work or during study/work.

I hope you understand the difference between Masked and Ultrasonic tracks. Am asking since I feel you are new here.


@khan - yeah, basically what you said. Just extended what you wrote :+1:


@emoxd - am assuming you are having the latest versions of these subs: StarkQ, Quantum Limitless Q and Beyond Limitless Ultima.


First of all, what are your goals in stacking them? What is your current situation? Are you a student and wanting to work on the side? Are you already working but want to learn new stuff?

And as @raphael noted, what is your experience with subs?

Answering those can give us a better understanding on how to help you here.