How do I know if I should swith to the next stage?


I’ve been doing Khan for three weeks now and yet it gave me some results withing the first ten days now it seems to be doing nothing for me. Should I switch to the next stage or keep going to see what happens later on?

I’ve been using subs for five years so maybe they’ve cleared the shit out of me and I don’t really need to stick to Stage 1 any longer. How do you think guys?


That depends on the program, your personal goals, and exposure time. Some people say 30 days as a general guideline, some people say 300 hours. One month is pretty standard and beyond that it’s more of a feeling. Do you feel ready for the next stage? Do you feel you’ve gotten what you need from your current one? Do you feel as though you should wait and get more from your current stage? Those are the questions that will let you know when (not) to move forward


The description says “the total breakdown” yet I felt only mild effects of it. Personally, I don’t think I need any special cleaning any more but it’s only what I know and feel and my subconscious may “know better” so I suppose it’s a matter of experimenting and put the things more dicey. I ran Stage 1 out of pure curiosity to learn whether I really needed healing/cleaning.


Or maybe it’s reconciliation? One form of reconciliation is thinking that nothing is happening, at least on a conscious level.


I haven’t used the Khan program yet. I’m just using Ecstasy of Gold and Emperor.

I agree with @Neurokinetic. 30 days is considered the basic. Sounds like that’s just 1 more week for you. I’d recommend sticking it out and just completing the month.

You probably have some specific goals, dreams or targets that you want to achieve related to Khan? If you haven’t already, try dipping your toe in the water with some of those. Like try to do a little bit of the thing you’re hoping to be able to do. Have you done this already? That kind of thing can be very revealing.

I’m sitting at my table right now typing this at the computer. And I don’t feel much fear at all. Kind of none in my awareness, really. But if I were to go up in a helicopter. Right now. If I were to go up, with a parachute, and prepare to jump out of the helicopter; my body would be flooded with adrenaline, and various fear and stress hormones. But they’re not circulating in my blood right now.

So, I’m not saying to go jump out of a plane or something. But maybe do the metaphorical equivalent of standing on top of a skyscraper or looking out the window of a helicopter.

In other words, experiment with putting yourself in close proximity to the challenges or limitations that inspired you to take the program in the first place. When you’re physically closer to that situation, see what kinds of thoughts and reactions come up. This will be a clearer indicator of what you might still want to change or what might still need to change. On the other hand, if you get close to the challenge, and your main reaction is ‘yup, let’s jump right in!’ then 1) go ahead and jump right in and 2) when you get back home, yes, move on to the next stage.

That’s just one possible approach though. People on this forum have tried all types of different ways in the past.


Thanks guys. I shall stick to Stage 1 for another week and then I’ll probably switch to Stage 2 depending on the further progress.