How can we set our own definition of an alpha male?


Looking around, I’ve noticed that subclub is big on writing the subs to turn us into our ideal version of an alpha male. Thus, my question is that how can I set the definition of an alpha male to my subconscious, so that it can take active steps to transform me?

Do I visualize my ideal alpha male, his looks and personalities?
Do I take action and do what my ideal alpha male would do?


What’s you current definition for an alpha male?


Everyone has a different definition of alpha male. It is similar having different people you might admire


I assume you already have a definition of an alpha male. Which means that if your goal for a sub is to become an alpha male, your subconscious will likely take that definition.

That said, you could always improve the message with active visualization. And obviously taking action like what you want to become is the general rule of SubClub subs.

In other words, you have the right idea. Do what you suggested and your results should come a lot faster.


Jot down on a piece of paper on what you think that being an alpha male entails. The thoughts that come to your mind are the ones the sub will push you towards.

If you think an alpha is the guy that gets what he wants and doesn’t take shit from nobody I’m sure you will develop that mindset and character and project it outwardly through body language. It’s all about you interpretation.


SC is about “becoming the Man you want to be” (or person, if you prefer).
Labels like “alpha male” can bring up unnecessary projections.

Just choose who you want to be, how you want to behave, what you want to achieve, what you want your life to look like.
Then take constructive action towards it, every day.