How are these people still ignorant?


I came across this video on YouTube

Are these people ignorant? Or do they just deny truth?


This guy started showing up on my Youtube Algorithm too in the last couple of days.
Didnt’ watch any of his videos though.

And I believe you to shouldn’t watch stuff that would make you question a belief that you don’t want to question. For example Imagine listening to subs everyday and you watch these vids which makes you question it, and because you question it, your subconious will start making more defensive mechanisms against it.


I opened it expecting a positive answer, a definite yes to sub and behavior… but this was just :face_vomiting:


I saw Vice wrote an article about subliminals… well, I know vice from previous occasions and it is obvious what they think about it. (Actually what they think about anything that doesnt fit in their agenda)
I just burst out laughing, because it is almost astonishing how little they know and still they feel superior.
Btw. I guess this guy is a doctor of psychiatry. If he seriously denies subliminals, he should hand back his title very quickly. The countless research papers and statistics are very clear on this.


People are just ignorant and resistant to believing things that challenge their status quo. I remember showing my friends the Wim Hof documentary from Vice I believe. Even after seeing all the scientific tests being done on him, they were still kind of in disbelief.


Ignorance is thinking the world is flat in pre historic times. If someone thinks that today I have no hope in that person. That’s like this guy. I will not lend him my prescious time to fill my mind with doubts and even listen to what he has to say. The only hindrance to a person’s success is his own stubborn self.


Apparently it’s a growing movement: CNN link


That’s it I surrender @bujin :tired_face:


"When you’re born, you get a ticket to the freak show.
When you are born in America, you get a front row seat"
-George Carlin



Honestly, I don’t understand how your ear can interpret something that you can’t hear consiously haha maybe the SubQ can hear it? But why can it hear it? And why is the consious part of our brain not hearing anything???

This is the only part I can’t comprehend with subliminal… But it works! So I shut my mouth and I use them :rofl:


This Dr Grande expresses the mainstream point of view of psychologists on subliminal/supraliminal. I was thinking like him 10 years ago. But when I was able to stop smoking after listening to a subliminal everyday for a week (2 packs of cigarettes everyday) I became a strong believer :smile:


Same here, i started saying or doing things unlike me in social situation, and eight after I was like “wtf happened”, but in a positive way haha


This is just confirmation bias at work.
Let the ignorant people hate while we become gods