HoT with Mogul and True Sell

OK, All, My next stack for three loops is the above. I’m excited. I am a solopreneur and love beauty and romance as well. I will let you know how I do. I begin 12 JUN '23.


Three loops?

I’ve never heard of a Solopreneur before.

Got me curious over here.

Three loops? means three 26-day cycles

I’ve never heard of a Solopreneur before… means I work for myself, no employees, lol


Just seeing this now!

Is this your first time listening to Mogul?

Yes! I’ll report when I have something… :slight_smile:


I have completed my first loop (I forget the word) – the first 26 days. I plan to do at least three loops of 26 days (21 + 5 day wash). I’m actually in the wash phase right now. I feel wonderful. Fit, gorgeous, attractive, wanted. And I’m enjoying building my business and creating course content for my mindset coaching business. I am loving life. I can see doing this stack for a long time. It’s everything I want right now!
I’m in my 300 hr yoga TT (after the 200 hr) and my yoga is badass.
I have 14 other subs and I’d like to get to them, but I’m loving this stack. I’m beautiful, fun, funny, alluring, a great coach, full of confidence, happy, healthy and wealthy…thank you, subclub!!!
Can’t wait for more growth.

I will also say that previously I did the love stuff, meaning I had done love bomb, then three months basically of heartsong, seductress and diamond to really build up and clear things out. I had many recon days and had some processing in those three months. This first 26 days feels so good. I’m also happy if I have some processing to do, but right now I feel wonderful and loving it.


Any updates, perhaps?

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Hi! Having a blast. My confidence has been off the charts and I have been dating my favorite man. My business and business goals are going well. I’m a life coach and I have been successful at being a product of the product. I have been wildly prosperous and abundant. Just returned from a free vacation, essentially, and travelling some more to enjoy my kids and g’kids. I’m retired military and building my coaching business while enjoying some free time.
So, growing even more attractive and abundant. Also much more confident in managing my money…gave a significant chunk of money to my kids for a down payment on a house, and happy to help support.
Also really fun is that my subclub (and my other manifestation processes) seem to be trickling down epigenetically to my children. They are doing so well: jobs, relationships, promotions, really great moves to new houses…fun vacations! I’m so please for them.
I am living a full and abundant life! Thank you!


Oh, and I’m in my third 26 day cycle with HoT, Mogul and True Sell. I plan on keeping these three for awhile! Life is powerful and thrilling.


whats your listening schedule?

HoT/True Sell 15 mins each ZP
rest day
Mogul/Ascension Chamber ZP
rest day
rinse, repeat for 21 days
5 days off



i might follow your lead on this!


Hi Liz, thank you for sharing your wonderful updates with us! It’s truly inspiring to hear about the amazing experiences and successes you’ve been enjoying lately.

Congratulations on the success of your coaching business! Being able to be “a product of the product” is a testament to your dedication and expertise as a life coach. Your prosperity and abundance speak volumes about the impact you are making in people’s lives.

Your words radiate gratitude for all aspects of life - personal fulfillment, family happiness, professional accomplishments - painting an image of living an abundant existence brimming with positivity.
Thank you for sharing these incredible updates with everyone! Wishing you continued success in all that lies ahead.


Thank you! I receive that! I so appreciate subclub (and the other manifestation work I do)!

May all here have fantastic success! :slight_smile: