Honest Review of Khan


Yes, exactly. It’s nuts - and also why I truly believe in manifesting, though I haven’t gotten that mastered yet.

Anyway, carry on AMASH :slightly_smiling_face:


Day 13 - ST2:

Today, I felt compelled to go out and approach, even though I was tired and not in a good mood.

The first 10 girls I talked to rejected me. I had a goal to meet and approach 15 girls.

Girl number 11 was gorgeous. I was like: “Today is fucked anyway, so let’s approach.” She loved me, kept giggling, and I was so close to her when we talked we were almost kissing.

Then I went, I had a few okay reactions, until I got my 15 approaches done.

As I was going home, I saw this girl who looked good. Not looked good in a model kind of way, but looked good in that she was a tall blonde with a big ass, small waist, tight toned body with her abs exposed in her small t-shirt. I went to talk to her, but she told me she is busy, and walked off. I really waned this girl, so I ran a bit to catch up with her asking her for her instagram. She said: “Okay”. I got her instagram, but we continued the conversation and had a cool deep 15 minutes conversations where she told me about her crazy life, she’s a doctor, a marathon runner, a yoga teacher, a lover of travel, and she left her city to come to the big capital to start a new life. She told me about how much she values trust and honesty, her love for wine, and her memories when she went to Spain.

It was kickass. This girl turns heads when she walks around. And she rejected me at first but I persisted.

Let’s hope both pan out to be good!

It seems ST2 follows the same pattern as ST1: After about 10 days of feeling unfocused and tired, I get some days where I feel like a boss, full of energy and focus, and some days like today where I felt weak, my aura was timid, and I was doing my approaches not being in the mood just because I value not breaking my promise to myself.

Now I am doing work. It is Saturday evening, but my financial future is very important for me, so I will work whether it is Saturday, New Years eve or Christmas.

I productively put time for girls in my calendar to make sure it doesn’t consume my life. I keep it contained :slight_smile:


I think this is KEY. You just need to take a little bit MORE action than usual, just going one step further, doing…


I had the same feelings, and I fought them to force myself to be productive.

It was and still is hard. But things are happening in the background of my subconscious.

Falling into the light (thought and observations about Khan's Journey)

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