HOM/Daredevil/PSIT Ultima/ICQ?


Hey guys,

I’ve been thinking alot about it lately. Should i go with such a dense stack? First of all, my goal:
-become an alpha
-remove inhibitions
-become very social (social playboy type)
-attract wealth and opportunities to earn
-attract people/relationships/friendships

Now, the playlist you’ve seen already. What should i do? I just bought PSIT Ultima which seems to be a really promising one for my situation along with HOM which again covers social aspects and wealth building as well.

Something about me & my life for you to understand what i deal with and what i want:

•I don’t have any experience before in earning/finance and all. I’m a 2nd yr engineering student. But seeing my family situation, i can’t wait much to start something and earn already.

•I’ve suffered from severe social anxiety and shyness in the past. I think my social anxiety is slowly fading away, all thanks to subclub. I’ve been using Daredevil (from 3+) & PSIT U (since i bought it i.e. 31/12/20) and i must say i feel much more confident, badboy kind of man out there in the real world than before. But still i feel need for friends and actually be more social bc i don’t go out much bc of very few actual friends w whom i can hangout. I do have many friends, but you know man.

I think these social subs are building the foundations for me to socialize and the i should add ICQ which will blast my social life. Haha thats a dream i would like to fulfil in the nearest future. Help me get it brothers. I’ll be rlly thankful for each one of yours’ opinions.


I think you have some good ideas!

First, I would encourage you to take your time and read about all the products in the main shop and the Q shop.

Second, I would encourage you to think about getting Dragon Reborn in about 60 to 90 days after you run another Subliminal Club product of your choice.


Yessir. I’ve gone through the store. I’m not new, but not old as well. Its been around 2-3 months when i first discovered subclub. I was rlly amazed to see the work of these guys and ppl’s reviews ab their products and always desired to try them for myself. I’m a student and don’t earn yet. My family income has stopped since my dad retired 2 yrs back. I have 2 siblings, but my parents have no hope from them unfortunately. I’m the only one to stand up and take responsibilities upon myself. Well, i can go on forever but thats not needed lol.


Thanks for the details.

I’ve found DR to help the other subliminals to exert their effects better. Others have noticed that too.


Sure i’ll buy it when i get money. But what should i do now?


This doesn’t seem too dense to me, especially if you follow listening guide with primary and secondary titles.

If it were me I would do this:
Primary: HOM
Secondary 1: Daredevil
Secondary 2: ICQ
Ultima: PSITU


What @Neurokinetic posted above looks good to me.


Should i consider PSITU as a booster Ultima? Thats a great sub i want results from. Will a single loop a day be good for it?
And thanks, i think i should start with this stack from today on.
Also, my main goal is to be more social/extrovert/more willing to socialize. Shouldn’t i keep DD as my primary bc i don’t know much ab HOM’s social life building ability, whereas DD is a pure social based title.


HOM has a social component to it already, I would keep that as your main and use DD to reinforce that. But by all means, do what feels right to you. my suggestion was merely an example.

Start PSITU at 1 loop, then increase to 2 loops after a week or two. Play around with loops, but start at a low count then work your way up until you find your sweet spot


Alright man. Thank you so much for your guidance :slight_smile:


Happy to help! Good luck :slight_smile:


One doubt man, does 2 loops to a title mean 2 loops at the same time or we can split it over the day like one in the morning other before bed


Split is better. These subs are dense.
Alternatively you can try back to back and see.
Did you run any title from subclub before?


There’s no set rule on this, it’s up to you and your listening schedule. For me, I do 2 loops back to back(2 straight hours listening) then pause fifteen minutes, then start my next title for another two hours. You could put a gap between each loop if you want, nothing wrong with that. Many users recommend a short “processing time”, but how and when you input that into your listening schedule is up to you


How did you conclude 15 minutes?


Just a random figure. Because my stack is 6 hours (8 hours with Ultimas), I try to maximize listening time as quick as possible


Yes, thats what i was thinking as well. I’ll split it in 2. I still feel these are too much but idk coz i’m using 3-4 morphic fields along with subclub as well. Few ppl who are doing the same said there’s no problem i can do that. I have to give time to them as well. So, during morning subclub’s 1st half, during the day maybe fields (not much)+ subclub again and before bed the Ultima and maybe my primary sub. Thats good?

And yes, i’ve used DD, ICQ, RegnQ, TS Ultima & tried Asc, StarkQ, PS with little to no results. I didn’t listened to them much.


I personally feel that stack is too much.
I suggest you start with just one title and use it for 3 months. There after add another…
In this way you can see the effects of each sub clearly. This way also doesnt overload your subconcious.

My suggestion would be to use Daredevil & PSITU.


I thought ab it and yes, i’ll go with your suggestion. Its better to focus on less for now and these two together will be perfect imo. Thanks brother :heart:


Thank you for the honest answer.