Hi bros i just got a quick question

theres so many good subs i want to run omg its overwhelming me LOOL i wish i found this site way before. man i have been using shit youtube subs this whole time :sob: :sob:
i need more money so khan and emperor looks juicy but i am a bit scared because it in the descrip it said lots about taking action for women. i kind of dont want to take action and be approaching women like all the time because they always approach me :smiley: and i feel like thats how it supposed to be.
is it gonna like change my behavior to make me start chasing women?? that is main thing for me i dont want, i am more the type where women chase me lol
but anyways i am happy to join here!

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Nah, not at all, Khan probably more than Emperor (in terms of chasing woman), but bro don’t sweat it, usually they aim to turn you into an attractive guy so…

You won’t become needy, you won’t become desperate, probably your libido will go high (even more with Khan than emperor)

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bruh idk i read some guy story in here and he approaching 15 girls a day or something :joy::joy:

Yeah, I’ve ran Khan and I wasn’t approaching at all, I did have sex with my neighbour tho hahaha I was horny af and we stroke up a small conversation in front of her appartment… I don’t remember how, but it got sexual and we went to her appartment :joy::joy:


LMFAO yoooooo

Just so you know, subs won’t force you to do stuff you don’t want to.

bro idk ab that bro tbh
you ever tried youtube subs? some of them it can make u like too cocky and ppl wana fight you lmao

also some submakers put sublimnal msgs to make the user worship them bro subcon accept any messages

Nah never tryed youtube subs, I’ve tryed another maker subs before, and now subclub since end of january 2019.

Subclub’s sub are more about influencing you in a certain direction. They won’t force you. The evolution you follow are anwsers that your subQ creates, it’s not the creator who forces those ideas.

For example :
-You are assertive.


-Why are you assertive?
-How are you assertive?

The first one push your subQ, the second one creates anwsers, which you will assimilate and grow by learning new ways of thinking.

Tell me what are your goals right now?
What are your objectives?

:open_mouth: damn bro that sound like some next level shit lmao

my goals right now is to make more mula :money_mouth_face: im 23 and not making much like minimum wage. kinda bad i know lol
chicks doesnt matter to me i am good in this area :wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You probably should listen something that is focused on wealth if you want money like mogul or ascended mogul or Ecstasy of Gold. For women to approach you Libertine Ultima is what you want but read the sales page of it since it is an aura based subliminal and depends on your inner work, it is recommended to use it with sex focused subliminals such as Sex and Seduction, Sex Mastery X, Primal Seduction (and PS: Iron Throne), Khan.

ecstasy of gold :laughing: yeahh that name right there sounds like my type of thing lmao
shit bro yeah theres too many im tempted to buy like 10 and stacked them all but probably bad idea LOOL

i might still stack like 3 of them things lol fck it
i have feeling it can be powerful ima make a story thing too in here

Bro, just go with Emperor for work and focus. Emperor will give you drive, energy, assertion and will male you want more! You will start looking for other jobs.

And maybe stack ectasy of gold to discover what you want to make out of your life :wink:

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If you wanna buy and stack 10 of them you can just go to custom shop check there if you have the money for it.

Yeah man, I did the YouTube subs thing and I can tell you after just a month of being here, these are WAY more powerful. You’re more than likely not going to want to do more than two at a time, and that’s TOPS. The general consensus, and I agree with it, is to one just one of SubClub’s products at a time. With something like Emperor, which I’m running currently, people suggest anywhere from 3-4, or even 6 months of listening before you stack with something else. But it’s all up to you in the end, I look forward to your journal homeboy!

Edit, one at a time in the beginning, I meant.


yeea bro idk wat ima do yet tbh lol emperor lookin real juicy :astonished: