Hero origins: sage and blade; advice


I’m only running 2 Major tittles right now;
GLM: The commander
Limitless executive
I feel that these are the only two major things i need from life right now. But out comes HERO origins: Sage and Blade which offers what my current stack offers plus more.
I am now torn, I am thinking of going for HERO, ditching Limitless Executive and In its place going for Beyond Limitless to cover mind stuff since that is not covered in HERO.
I am only looking for two things in life right now: APHA MALE and enhancing my COGNITIVE ABILITIES. That’s all. Attracting women is not something i struggle with much neither is body sculpting. And no i am not rich… :rofl: I want lots of money too but i believe that those two areas, when properly Honed, will bring me all the money i need. I will throw in EOG latter though.

Anyone with insights into this? or any Advice?


When I started out with SC I blindly choose whatever title I think is alright for me at the shop. But it is futile to choose a simple title as you will really appreciate the results.

Just like for example Wanted Black, there is no question that it works. But it’s like a thing with steroids were you end-up quite surprised at the end.

You need to have a goal in mind to enjoy what you want in life.

I would pick Genesis, Ascension (Alpha Male), then later choose Renaissance Man UWX or
Index Gate UPX.

Yo, I’d love to know about your experience with GLM The Commander


I have experience with all 3 titles: GLMC, LE, and HO.

First of all,

“mind stuff” is covered In HERO… that’s my understanding of it. Increased reaction speed comes from increased cognition, right? At least I think so…

But in my personal experience I feel calmer, Waaaay more focused, happier, more filled with strength and conviction, and I get into flow easier doing work tasks, I execute more effectively.

If you want an increased cognition to work on a specific skill, any sort of thing that is possible to master, anything that involves studying, anything that involves practice, HERO will do the job, that’s what I’ve been experiencing from running it.

Also… “mind stuff” that would be covered in Beyond Limitless is mostly also in Limitless Executive…

LE is basically Beyond Limitless + The Executive. Obviously BL would have more brain boosting effects than LE, as a stand-alone Vs hybrid title. I can’t say exactly the difference in brain boosting between the two but they both have great effects IMO. So I really don’t see the need to switch from LE to BL. The benefit of sticking with the stack is more worth it than the benefit of changing.

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The recommendation for starting with HERO and ZPv2 MAX titles is to start with some microloops anyways.

So just do that.

Keep your stack EXACTLY the same, so that when you add in hero, you know exactly the benefits it’s giving you… compared to doing HERO and BL simultaneously and not knowing what is giving what.

Run HERO for 1 min and then from there, see if you enjoy it. Run it again and see if you still enjoy it. And once you know if you enjoy it or not, make a new decision from there about what to do about your stack. But your stack has space for a third title and HERO definitely seems aligned with you so a 1min loop seems like the fastest path to get a clear answer on what to do with your stack overall

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This makes a lot of sense, my intuition also tells me to stick with my current stack but just add HERO to the stack.

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