Here comes another Journal by Matt

Today I decided to start another journal.

My current listing schedule is one full loop of Wanted every other day.

I started three days ago, today is a processing day.

So far I notice no thing. Before I started Wanted I was listening to Khan Stage 1 for 21 days. I noticed not much from that.

Tomorrow is another listening day. Hooray. I hope I can make Wanted work for me.




This morning I ran loop number 3 of Wanted ZP.

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Today I will listen to loop number 9.
Not much to report so far other than that I listened to rebirth additionally two days ago. My stack is now rebirth and wanted.


Currently I am on my first washout.
No noticeable results yet.


Try writing more entries about your interactions and encounters with women.

Might help.


Good point. The problem is there weren’t many besides interactions at work and encounters in public space. There was no shift noticeable.

Anyway there will be a shift in my stack.
I will switch to Ultimate Artist and Stark and later use these as cores in a custom.

The reason for this is that I am not actively dating at the moment and hope to see at least changes in my creative output with the new stack/custom.

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You write in order to summon the shift; not just to report it.

Before you notice the shift, you write about how you’re not having encounters and what that feels like, and even why you think that might be. You write about what almost happened and what you wanted to happen; about the ordinary, not particularly impressive encounters that you are having; and so on.


Today I bought Paragon Sleep. I want to get better sleep after a few nights of turning around in bed all night without getting into sleep phases. And today I listened to one loop of the PZzz and one loop of Stark. As soon as my custom arrives I will listen to one loop of that and one loop of paragon sleep.

I once wanted to be a successful writer. To continue this journey I created a custom with ultimate writer in it. It‘s a 10 module custom. The cores are Stark and ultimate artist. I am planning to listen to it for a few months. Flexibility is given by the other subliminals I add to my stack.

Paragon sleep will be the one for the first cycle to be stacked.

The custom consists of the following modules:

  • Stark Core
  • Ultimate Artist Core
  • Gloryseeker
  • current invoker
  • Ultimate Writer
  • Voice Master
  • Trailblazer
  • sacred words
  • storyteller
  • victory‘s call

I guess it will work out fine. I could have added a few more modules but I wanted to keep it simple.

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