Helping my aunt with mild depression


Hello again,
My aunt is suffering from a mild depression from time to time and since I’m a former pharmacist I’ve tried to help her with plenty of prescription and non-prescription drugs. The problem is that some of them was either ineffective or the side effects was too much for her. She also been to a shrink which prescribed some anti depressants that helped but also caused side effects. I would like to try, if there is any sub which could help her with these symptoms.
Thanks again!


Regeneration may help with that and something like Sanguine… You may want to look on youtube, there are some really good frequencies and energetic audios, not sure if I am allowed to post them here, they aren’t subliminals, but they helped me tremendously with my anxiety and depression.


Can you send it to me via personal message?
And I will also try the ones you suggested.


Look into PSTEC for emotions clearing.

If you want to use subclub: Regeneration + Seductress
(Not kidding about the latter, a woman’s gotta feel desired/needed to feel good.)