Help with the stack


I’m not sure if I did it right and if it’s too much. May you please help.


Hi Ayanda :slightly_smiling_face: what are your goals?


Short term (a month from now)

• Add $6K
• Move to a better place
• Decide if I want a serious relationship with one of the • • 3 women in my life or live a bachelor life
• Be better in bed, not in terms of stamina since I never had any problems lasting for as long as I want. But be more present, give more orgasms and improve my foreplay.
• Improve my status
• Be in my daughters life

Medium (3-6 months)

•Get a new car
•Move to a bigger house
•Make 100K a month
•Have multiple social circles covering each area of my life

Long term 6 months to 5 years

• $5mil a month in passive income
• Live in a mansion
• Have 2-3 more kids
• Travel a lot
• Work when I want to