Help with sexual/seduction custom

hey i have two customs, that i’ve been making. if someone has even 1 min to help me cut down some modules, i’d really apreciate it

Chosen of Venus
Ethereal Presence
Primal Seduction Core
Gorgeous Manifestor
Sexual Manifestation
Iron Frame
Attachment Destroyer
Inner Voice
Divine Self-Image
Negative Energy Transmutation
Stop Porn and Masturbation
Eagle Eye
Pride Unbroken
Inner Gasoline
Courage Reclaimed
Submodel Alpha
Immortal’s Blade
Immortal’s Courage
Ebon Maneuver

thinking about cutting
Sexual Manifestation (should be on ps)
Iron Frame (should be on wanted)
divine self image(should be on wanted)
inner voice(should be on wanted)
and decide between
Ebon Maneuver/Immortal’s Blade/negative energy transmutation
aslo thinking about wheter i should go with
way of understanding or eagle eye
and add empath
and maybe adding fearsome

@Luther24 can you please help? i know you got experience on those 2 cores
so what i want is a custom both about becoming the guy that girls drool over as a consequence of being attractive but also a guy that can use his seductive abilities to game a girl and seduce her, with a strong focus on manipulation/spells/negative energy prevention

@Lion also if you can provide any feedback i’d appreciate it

WANTED Core - wanted, handsome man
Primal Seduction Core - master seducer
Chosen of Venus - aura of love
Entranced - hypnotizing
Ethereal Presence - halo effect
Gorgeous Manifestor - manifest women
Sexual Manifestation - manifest sex

In 7 modules, much of your goal should more or less be sufficiently satisfied.
Attraction is there, opportunity is there, and developing your seduction is there.

However this part:

Manipulus - prevent all forms of manipulation
Immortal’s Courage - reduce fear of spiritual harm (spells)
Immortal’s Blade - free from spiritual negativity + protection from spiritual attacks (spells)

That’s 10 modules and covers everything you want pretty well.

You can have Eagle Eye, Way of Understanding and Empath in order to enhance the reading/seduction of PS but honestly it’s not needed lol. If you want to add one of those I would rank them intuitively based off of the descriptions:

  1. Way of Understanding (understand others on all levels)
  2. Eagle Eye (understand human body language, behavior and patterns)
  3. Empath (focuses more on mental/emotional states)

Way of Understanding is just like… well if you understand someone on ALL levels… then seducing them becomes effortless. It also mentions understanding desires, which is very important in seduction.

You have a lot of slots open, that you don’t have to necessarily fill but start asking yourself questions.
What are your weak areas that you really want to flesh out in order of importance to You. What do you feel like you want more of?

Like for example: How is your self-image? That’s really important. If you’re still on porn then Stop Porn and Masturbation is like the highest priority then lol.

I can’t really answer these questions and decide for you, but I can do a generalization of what I feel would have the most impact while simultaneously working with the theme of the custom to increase attractiveness, etc.

High Priority:

Stop Porn and Masturbation (watching porn makes men weak, insecure and unattractive on all levels)

Divine Self-Image (Self-Love + Insecurity killer - very important in being an attractive man)

Inner Gasoline (compliments Stop Porn and Masturbation)

Pride Unbroken (self-worth is insanely important in attraction, dating, seduction, etc period. Not much needs to be said about this, lol)

Courage Reclaimed (underrated empowerment module in my opinion, as victim mentality is as pervasive in our society as a lack of self-love is (arguably even more) but it’s just not as obvious (takes many forms)

ARES (remove weakness, doubt, guilt, shame and fear + beliefs causing them. Healing of all that will no doubt make one more attractive, lol.)

Inner Voice (powerful module, that seems to disrupt negative thought patterns and self-talk into being powerfully/profoundly positive - will go really well with Divine Self-Image. It’s handling a symptom of course and not a root cause but it’s likely that the removing of the symptom will cause healing, though I’m not sure. I can also see it helping with approaches or forward movement in seduction)

Negative Energy Transmutation (turn negative energy you encounter into positive energy that makes you more powerful, more capable, successful and happy. Seems pretty badass).

My other thoughts:

  • Iron Frame (meh and shouldn’t really need it with PS)
  • Ebon Maneuver (meh)
  • Fearsome (defensive module if you really want more, but who’s going to mess with you? You’re a freaking Jaguar)
  • Attachment Destroyer (more healing if needed)
  • Submodel Alpha (PS enhancer for seduction, but not really needed)

So in the end, I’d have a custom like this:

2 Primal Seduction Core
3 Chosen of Venus
4 Entranced
5 Ethereal Presence
6 Gorgeous Manifestor
7 Sexual Manifestation
8 Manipulus
9 Immortal’s Courage
10 Immortal’s Blade
11 Way of Understanding
12 Stop Porn and Masturbation
13 Divine Self-Image
14 Inner Gasoline
15 Pride Unbroken
16 Courage Reclaimed
18 Inner Voice
19 Negative Energy Transmutation

Last module being whatever, lol. I don’t know

Note: I haven’t run any of these modules, lol. This is all speculation and intuition.

Also be wary of recon, because of all the healing modules like Ares and stuff.

Anyway, have fun


Yeah. @Luther24 is pretty spot on here. Great analysis and breakdown.

Just have Yggdrasil as module 20 and you are good to go.


@Luther24 you should get paid for this, @Lion you also :clap::smirk:


A sharp eye is your best friend

Modul : All-Seeing


Haha! Custom Consultant lol. That would be a nice job.


bro thanks for that! i didn’t expect you to put that much effort, i appreciate it…

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you definitely gave me another great custom with wanted and glm and it was so hard to not make it haha. it felt like a perfect sub but i’m gonna go with my intuition and see what happens

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Lol it’s not a big deal, just friendly community brothers helping each other out


I know and we are grateful for guys like you :v:

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