Help with my stack?


Hey there. I feel like my stack is a little too… bulky, perhaps I’m trying to fit too much into one space of time I’m not sure. But here’s what I’m thinking of:

CYCLE #1 (a bit under 7 hours)

Emperor V2 X2
Limit Destroyer X1
Emperor V2 X2
Primal X1
Rebirth X1

Emperor V2 X2
Limit Destroyer X1
Emperor V2 X2
Godlike Masculinity X1
Rebirth X1

I’m putting a heavy emphasis on Limit Destroyer & Rebirth because I really have deep issues I gotta work through, such as social anxiety.

I was thinking of doing Ascended Mogul over Emperor, but I already have an innate desire to succeed in business so I think Emperor fits my train of thought more. I have seen others suggest Ascended Mogul will help with businesses that still fit the mold of society but I’m unsure of that.

If I want to start businesses such as coaching, consulting and ecommerce (starting with consulting), which then would be more effective? I’m not interested in being a Steve Jobs exactly, the things I want to do are already being done but I’m not sure I’d consider them “normal”. A strong social media presence, running seminars and workshops, dealing with clients… etc.

Would appreciate any feedback :slight_smile:



  1. Remove deep inner blocks (social anxiety)
  2. Remove social and seduction inner blocks (hence why Primal is in the list)
  3. Get my businesses operational ASAP (coaching, consulting, ecommerce - starting with consulting)


Hey @UltrasonicBorks,

That looks like a good stack, and it’s not bulky. It’s mainly Emperor v2, with some Stacking Modules, and 1x Primal.

It should be fun. However, remember that Emperor is not a beginner’s sub. Can you handle its strength? If you can, go ahead. If it’s too much, then yes, replacing Emperor with Ascended Mogul will be wiser.


Emperor alone is what’s bulky, as it contains the entire scripts of FIVE core programs (Emperor, Ascension, Mogul, Limitless, Sex Mastery X). :grin:

If you feel your stack to be too much to handle, you can actually remove Primal … your Goal-2 will be taken care of by “Ascension & Sex Mastery X working along with Rebrith & Limit Destroyer”.

I’d endorse your SM choices as they’ll help manage any reconciliation that may arise from Emperor. :+1: