Help with my stack

Hi, i would like to improve my stack.
My idea is:
Emperor x3
QL x3
SM x1/2
during the day
E x2
QL x2
sm x 1
during the day and x1 of each sub during the night
3 days and then 1 or 2 days of rest
i think is good but maybe you know how can i distribute the listenings in abetter way during the week.
I’d like to listen to libertin ultima maybe once or twice/week

do you have any advice?

You’ll have to wait for the official guide to stacking for the best recommandation :wink:

Other than that I would only check the amount of subs you are exposing yourself to, what is your history with subs?

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I can’t wait to get the guide out :drooling_face: anyway I have been listening to subliminals for years, I’m not really a novice, but you know you can always improve.

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