Help with conscious guidance

Hmm, yeah ik this question might have been repeated or been discussed with in the masterclass(the one that shared in email for 30 days)
I couldn’t find which day specifically discuss it but pls anyone could put some light on how to actually perform conscious guidance on a subliminal

I want to talk about Emp black and QL st4 or please feel free to provide example with any subliminal you like

I will tag some i have known for like ages lol

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Will tag @Forum_Ambassadors for the above question too.

I have done most of my concious guidance for physical healing subliminals like Paragon Complete and As Above (As Above is good for sending healing energy to others).

So basically it is visualising things happening. Like healing a particular illness or imagining someone I am praying for getting better.

I know some folks here do that for becoming more attractive like imagining their looks getting better or having pictures of their ideal face on their phones and looking at it once in a while.

You could do that for learning (Quantum Limitless) by being confident that you are intelligent. Hmm. I guess it is a bit more difficult to understand what concious guidance is in the mental realm. Maybe visualizing scoring high in an exam. And in the case of Emperor Black, visualizing success or being productive. Those are my suggestions.

But now that I think about it, I don’t think you need much concious guidance for titles like Emperor Black and Quantum Limitlese.

Am guessing that taking action is also a form of concious guidance since what else is more concious than taking action on one’s goals.


Oh that’s what i thought conscious guidance is, thanx for clearing it out for me

Yes ig, taking action toward the goal is a form of conscious guidance afterall. I think i need to try out conscious guidance from now on, visualising and thinking in way that supports my objective,