Help with chosing three cores

I am building a new custom and I have in mind theee cores: emperor, ascension, inner circle and Aegis Initiative: Survival Instinct.

I am thinking of taking out either inner circle or one of the emperor/ascension.

My goal is to be more alpha so if both ascension and emperor are two different things on that then I am keeping them both. But if any of them are obsolete because I have the other, I would love to keep inner circle.

Any idea?

emperor is built on ascension, with mogul(money) scripts and empire additions. For pure alpha, I suggest you go with ascension, that’s what I did for my custom.
I know you didn’t ask, but as a suggestion: if your goal is alpha, do look into a combination of ascension for status and primal based core for sexuality.

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I have primal on my first custom. Just going to make another

Emperor doesn’t need support from Ascension. At all. :smile:

It can take a few days before you feel like it though. Unlike Ascension which hits you from day 1.


Great. I have nowhere to go for some decades so I’ll give emperor the time then

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Emperor is much more Alpha than Ascension.

Ascension is like your the coolest dude where ever you go

Emperor is like your the CEO of where ever you go.

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Hmm… I sound like ascension not emperor… Hmmm


Take that analogy with a grain of salt
each one effects the listener differently and in the direction the listener wants to go.
On Emperor I can take over any space I’m in quite easily, and get crazy respect, but I can also just be quite and chill.

I would just look at the descriptions in the sales page and pick the one that matches your goals.
Emperor is more inclusive and broader in it’s effect. Many recommend Ascension first though.

I will say Emperor seems to be a more intense sub to run in it’s effect and I believe pushes hard for a massive life change.