Help with choice of sub, find the right one for me please



Can you please help me.

I buyed emperor and i think i might want to try another first.

What im looking for is a new good payed job.

Social skills confidence, confidence, selfesteem, motivation to do things, alpha :slight_smile:

Be a good father, familiy, have good friends.

Overall success in life.

I was looking at
Ascended Mogul and Ascension Become the Alpha Male Subliminal.

Is there anything you can recommend me??


Welcome @Badboi :slight_smile:

Your goals are best served by Ascended Mogul. Adding with it Rebirth and / or Limit Destroyer will make this a solid stack.


I will try this combo, thanks for sharing @AMASH :).
Do i run AM 1 loop, Rebirth 1 loop and Limit Destroyer 1 loop and then repeat from the start ?


No, that is too strong.

Try AM 5 loops, 1 limit destroyer, AM 5 loops, 1 Rebirth, the repeat. :slight_smile: