Help with building a custom

Hey I have decided I want to build my first custom now.

My plan is for this custom to radiate sexiness but also to be a very loving masculine spiritual presence. And also make me more expressive with my sexuality which still is kinda my sticking point. Unless I’m in a very intimate area.

It’s a bit overwhelming building one so any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Since I feel like a kid in a toystore.

Thank you :slight_smile:

All seeing
Blue Skies
Chosen Of venus
Daredevil core
Depths of love
earthshaker sexuality
I am
Instant spark
Invincible presence
Love bomb ultima core
Love without attachment
Power awareness
Seducers Gaze
Sexiness unbound
Sexual manifestation
Wanted Q core
Inner Gasoline


This looks great. I think it satisfies the requirements you stated.

Same here.

It looks fantastic good

Try to switch out invincible presents with Sanguine

Your goal is to be seen, not to be invincible

Sanguine gives you the confidence to reach our goals.

Interesting, Thank you

No problem
I am always glad if can help


Please excuse my mistake

I was surfing trough the Q store and saw the invincible presents module

Its a super good module that fits perfectly into your custom.

I don’t know why they named it that way- it makes no sense and don’t fit the description

Please excuse my mistake

But even if you already ordered your custom with Sanguine in it instead, It’s a fucking great module that let’s you have optimism and super confidence all the time

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Yes I can concur, Invicible presence is an amazing module to have in this setting that you’re after :slight_smile:

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No worries man, Not bought it yet… I’m thinking of adding deus to make it hit harder or maybe that unecressary.

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Deus is a standard module in my customs

Its unbelievable effective and a great choice.

I have in my customs 2modules that have a reserved spot.


And since I discovered :Inner Gasoline I am putting that in every custom

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Oh that’s great know. I have omnidirectional but maybe deus is better or BOTH. Haha, I truly feel like a scientist creating his masterpiece.

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Yup I had many attempts where I just put in what I wanted

Now I try to create customs that serve a purpose

I choose modules that enhance and complements the Main Cores

They both would make an extremely powerful and effective combo within any custom I have those two in the first custom I ever designed. Just think, omnidimensional seeks out an infinite number of angles while DEUS constantly makes the sub more efficient and powerful with each loop of the program played. Hard to lose with that mixture. be prepared to take care of yourself very well though, otherwise you may find yourself lacking in energy a lot.