[HELP] own subliminal audio

  • Hey everyone, I’m new to this concept. I’m really in verge of despair to change the way i live(xD). I’ve chose to use subliminal to change myself.Being, listened to several audios it’s said that many audios have bad/bizzare affirmations so i chose to create my own subliminal and made one but i’m uncertain did i made it properly. So, please help me out <3

  • Google Drive link for audio :- Link for audio

  • Google Drive link for affirmations used in the audio :- Link for affirmation

  • I hope someone will guide me through my journey of improving myself <3

    ->And it might also help the rest of us for better life :smiley: <3


The affirmationss are written in the traditional way.

I’m no expert, but my opinion.
Affirmations written in this form instill scarcity mindset even more.
For example. “I am handsome”- your subconscious will instill the exact opposite, that you are not handsome, that you want handsomeness and you have none of it now.


Sir, then could you help me out.How should i write it out ?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


@Dr.Dark - Hello. Unfortunately, this forum isn’t made to discuss how to make subliminals. It is solely made to share the experiences of subliminals purchased from SubliminalClub. Yes, sometimes we do discuss resources like books to help us take action, but this forum isn’t the right place to learn about making your own subs.

All the best!

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