Help me with an Experiment


Im looking for fresh new ideas and I think theres a lot of people here who can share some.

I know this might seem counterintuitive when it comes to building a custom sub, but I have this feeling something really cool can come out of this.

If you read this list of modules… what cores comes to your mind that you think will fit this? (2 cores)
I will he happy to read why you think those cores will work.

Iron Frame
Stress Displacement
Negativity Displacer
Harmonic Singularity
Serum X
Gratitude Embodiment
Love Without Attachement
Joie de Vivre
Spiritual Freedom
Aura of Craving
Sexiness Unbound
Carpe Diem
Inner Voice
Power Unleashed

I know thinking about your goals first and then find the cores that suits your goals better, and then find modules that boost that is a recommended approach. Thats why I called this an experiment.


Hmmm, quickly, I would say emperor, and… maybe regeneration or Alchemist (I don’t really know what alchemist is doing, except I know it’s spiritual, and I saw spiritual freedom, some modules about love and grtitudes, harmonic singularity). I am not versed enough with Alchemist to say it would fit tho.

Emperor :
Well, of course Emperor would fit Iron Frame, probably stress and negativity displacement because you kinda need this to become tough.

Asclepius (not sure, maybe regeneration would handle it?), Serum X (we know emperor does help with building muscle), sanguine is partly in emperor if I remember correctly and probably in regen.
Gratitude is in emperor, temptation, aura of craving and sexiness unbound is not really in emperor, but Emperor does makes you attractive, so it could touch that a little bit. Power unleashed, pretty sure emperor does cover that, carpe diem, working hard, hell yeah!

Then, I would hope to use regen for : Sanguine, Spiritual freedom, inner voice, love without attachment, stress, negativity dispacer, harmonic singularity and maybe Asclepius.

Now, the ones that are not targeted really

  • Jupiter : I don’t think there are extreme focus on increasing manifestation power, but manifestation are included in emperor.
  • Inner voice : Not sure about this one, I don’t think a major title contains this.
  • Sexiness unbound : Depending on the importance of sex in the custom, could see if one choose Khan over Emperor.
  • Aura of Craving : Not sure this is present in any custom, but same as Sexiness Unbound.
  • Temptation : Same as above.
  • Joie de vivre : Maybe it is included in Regen or Emperor… Or is part of sanguine?

So this would be my anwser, Emperor and Regeneration, maybe there are some core I am not thinking about, but for me the Iron frame part is really almost unique to Emperor! Just the three first modules, you get that from emperor’s toughness, and Serum X also.


Emperor has modules pertaining to positive self talk.


Thanks guys for chipping in and contribute! Unfortunately something happened to me today and this experiment is the least of my worries for now.
I hope I get back to it soon.


Hope all is well buddy


Survival Instinct and Primal Seduction are what intuitively come up


I instantly thought Khan.


I thought of Stark & Alchemist… which happens to be my current stack. :smile:


Thanks for the the thorough answer @WhiteTiger, Emperor does seems like a good fit overall, but I worry it wont make friends with Stark, since Im currently listening to it in my main custom with Alchemist. Regeneration is a good one too


Everything is much better, thank you!


Khan does look great, except for all that sexual push, dont know if its a good idea for a guy in a relationship.
Can it work in that context? The sex modules I added Ive already tested and work good in a relationship.


I had to read the desription for that one, to be honest it looks amazing and it does seems to fit perfectly.
I have no idea why that sub was invisible to me, maybe it wasnt its time.


Well those are my favorites! Thats why I already have them both in my main custom. Thanks!


Ah, good point. I have no idea how malleable the Khan script is. Probably depends on the individual. I saw those two sexuality modules in your list, so I thought it was on the table.

As a 40s, married guy I’ve always thought about Khan in terms of power more than about conquests. Charisma and magnetic power to be used as I wish.

But I’ve not used it yet, so …


Yeah, there weren’t really any subs for social in the module list but there were lots of choice that matched with toughness and mental toughness so I went with emperor :wink:


As I guy in his mid 40s living with my girlfriend, the Khan sales page has a lot of info that sounds potentially dangerous, but very tempting for a single guy or an open relationship, so I rather avoid potential problems.


Thats the esence Im building.


No problems with Khan. I speak from experience.


Would you elaborate a bit… Im interested in your experience.
Khan and Survival Instinct are sounding good to me.


Well, the launch of Dragon Reborn put a hold on this project and my custom Regeneration idea too.
Im using DR till st4 and then do a custom with DR st4 core.

The basic vibe I was going for here is covered on Dragon, the main idea for my custom Regeneration is also covered in Dragon.

This settles it.