Help me get a head start


Hi guys!

So I am new to this forum, I am not new to subliminals. From reading around I see that the rules of these subliminal programs are different. For example, I am allowed to run listen to two programs in the same day right?

My needs right now is an alpha male program. The characteristics I am looking for is the assertiveness in everyday dealings with family, friends and normal everyday encounters. Any other alpha male traits would be a plus, especially in terms of sexual attraction with women. Taking into account my needs, what do you think I should be running? Is it primal or emperor or khan?

If two or more are allowed to play together, any combination that would help me achieve more or faster?

P.S. Are instructions provided on how I listen?


Can i run two major programs at the same time?


Similar to you I have recently joined Subclub, prior to Subclub I was listening to subs from another producer. I had a similar dilemma, I contemplated between Khan and Emperor.

After reading the forums I decided to start Khan, the reason was: Khan stage 1 is heavy on healing. Currently in my country there is almost zero social interactions. I’m using this time to heal in stage 1. Once social interactions start, I will move on to stage 2 (as long as I have a minimum of 300 hours listening time on stage 1).

I’m only at 90 hours listening time (I do 6 hours per night on Khan Q), however I began to see results from the sub at day 3. Clearer mind, more focus and vivid dreams.

I did not feel much of a boost in libido in stage 1, so I decided to add one loop of Sex Mastery and within a couple of days libido is in full speed. I may not continue sex mastery in future stages as I’ve read sex mastery is already in the script in stage 2 and onwards.

Good luck


Thank you @Doubleyou

Is the healing on Khan overwhelming? I tend to get way more overwhelmed than the average person with emotional healing so if that’s the case I don’t want to screw up my mood.


For me the first couple of days were a bit of a rollercoaster. Thoughts and feelings came up that brought me up and down. That was short for me, right now my mind feels like it’s coated in steel. Things that used to bug me just bounce off me.

Everyone is different - many parts of this forum state Q is strong, start with 1 loop and adjust as needed. I started with 6 loops as I recall this is the benchmark for Pre-Q multi stage programs. I gave it a try and it’s worked well so far.


Was khan upgraded to Q? ( Khan Multistage: Build an Empire, Manifest Endless Wealth, Become the Alpha Male, Have Unlimited Sex Subliminal)


Everything in SubClub store has been upgraded to Q with the exception of superchargers.