Help me build a custom: IDGAF playboy entrepreneur

Hey guys,

Can you help me build a custom Q?
Like I mentioned in the title, high level would be a more sexual Stark.

I’d like to focus more on inner changes and me taking the initiative when talking about them ladies. I don’t want to rely on women being attacted by me in the first place, but for me to create the attraction.
Also, I’d like to enjoy my day to day life, not worry about mistakes. Verbal communication ia key for me, so that would also be a plus.

I’m thiking 4 core modules: stark, primal, sex mastery and quantum limitless. I’m not interested getting results fast, and price wise(due to my country salary level) I’ll use this for at least 1 year. Are 4 modules too much?

Any suggestions for modules while I browse through them?



Saint said no more than 3 cores, so maybe stick with Stark + Primal/PS/PS:IT. Or could just keep it Stark and load up on all the non-core romance and sex modules.


What about stark, eog stage 4, sex mastery, and primal seduction. Saint said you are free to experiment but it recommended up to 3 cores, i am sure people have went over that.

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@lovage Mine got stark, Khan and Emperor + some sexual and flirt modules. Maybe you could go Stark + Khan only as major modules.

Add Rogue, lion temptation and a couple others for the IDGAF attitude


I keep wondering if a person uses 4 major cores if it might be possible to balance that out by using fewer of the smaller modules? Like maybe only using 10 or 12 total slots rather than all 20. That could keep it a leaner build and maybe make it more effective.

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I did went through Emperor and all phases of Khan. If feel like stark + primal(my current stack) give me the best of those 2.

Point taken on the core ones - I’ll give up on sex mastery/quantum limitless; I’ll share the list of modules later this week to get some feedback.

Thanks so much for sharing your opinions!


@lovage, did you try stacking EmperorQ with KhanQ-st4 or DaredevilQ?
EQ is somewhat different from previous versions. So.

I’d also like to read your overall review of Stark. :wink:

For the Q versions I’ve only run Emperor for a bit until Stark came out.

For me Stark was a nice balance between Emperor and Khan. While I loved the focus and productivity on Emperor, I felt it was too much since I was so focused on day to day tasks, that I would easily lose track of my long term plans.
Stark feels like a really nice compromise between relaxed attitude, not caring so much about being right all the time, and increased productivity.

Here’s what I have in mind for the custom Stark-based; I’d love some feedback on them.
I’m currently doing the ULTIMA test run, so I’m going to take my time to build this one.

Primal Seduction

Lion IV
Iron Frame
Total nonchalance
Carpe diem
Extreme Exercise Motivation

Instant spark
Direct influencing aura