Help having only 20 modules


As I suspected I have trouble getting it down to 20 because there are just so many great modules

My main goal was to combine Seduction and Studying hard.

CAVE: There seems to be an artifact happening, you need to click on the pic above to see the full modules list.

I am pretty sure about the first modules (until Ares) and beneath this text are the ones, I am thinking of changing maybe:

As you can see I have 3, or actually 4 Healing modules. This is probably overkilled. I ran already 4 months of Khan St4 and don’t feel any resistance to my past nor that there are many more traumas hiding. The only thing I would love to keep improving is my “fear with 10/10 women”. It is pretty much gone, but I want it gone 100% because it prevents me from taking the right action and seducing the women I like, and I am pretty picky. But let me explain why I chose each of the healing modules:

Ares - seems to be ideal as it cuts away those listed emotions, including fear which is a big one for me, which will help me to take more action. It also helps with Stress, so that seems to be the most likely to stay.

Februus - I did not want to have another harsh breakdown like I AM, so I chose Februus because it heals like water which might be pretty useful as I plan to run this sub at least 1 year. Still, this is the one that I thought about (depends what you say) kicking out.

Blue Skies - I think Blue Skies will work exceptionally well with Quantum Limitless and Omnidimensional and will give this stack a little needed spirituality. Like @Hermit said, spiritual healing is the most powerful/essential healing. I am waiting for Darkie’s general review of Blue Skie before making my decision.

Negativity Displacer - seems to be powerful as it changes my emotions at the moment so that I experience less negative/traumatic events. This type of healing seems more what I need, as I want to focus more on the present (to take action) than on the past. But thinking longer about it, this is one, when I would not get any feedback on my modules, I would consider kicking out (big maybe).

(Even though I said I decided against I AM, I could imagine for example instead of running Ares, Februus, and Negativity Displacer, running I AM or New Beginnings if they include 90% of what the others do. But I don’t think so.)

Even if we cut down 1 healing sub (maybe 2) I still have too many options. I think Sexual Manifestation and Physicality Shifter are somewhat included in Khan St4 so I don’t need them, as I don’t need the extra focus of them. I would only consider adding them when they are not included (not so sure about Sexual manifestation).

Inner Voice: Basically, I want to cut back on my inner voice and live in the present, and my inner voice is already pretty good. Why I still thought about using it is because 1. it can always be better, and it is really hard to change consciously 2. I want to use it to help me change my inner voice to a more cocky and fun tone. Instead of thinking about logical stuff, I want to change it that my voice makes funny jokes, etc. I wanna use it as a help for seduction because if you think 24/7 logical stuff and then go out you need to turn around 180 which is not great. But I have a feeling that this module, will not really do it that well because it has another focus in changing your voice from negative to positive. So pretty sure about leaving that out too.

Now the really hard part: Earthshaker or focused arousal. Both sound very intriguing and I would love to keep both. BUT I would much rather miss out on either of these, than on “missing out” on healing in general.

Thanks so much for reading to this point by the way

To make it all worse, I was thinking about creating two customs. Because my situations is like following:
3-4 months of half a year, I am pretty much able to go in pimp mode. Still, next to it, I need to study A LOT. So my day looks like: Waking up, studying 5-8 hours, and then going out.
For 1-2 months of half a year, I am not able to go out. In this period, I need to study 10+ hours a day without going out and much social contact.

So the first custom would not differ much from the above but instead of the last two seduction modules and so much healing, I would add more results enhancement like Pragya and Informaticon. Maybe even adding Limitless core or Quantum Limitless 3 core to the mix.

The other sub would contain around 12 modules all focused on Sex and Seduction, basically most of the modules listed in that category. I also would include Deus and maybe Omnidimensional to it for extra effectivity. Plus I would add PE as well to have double the focus and strength on it when I need it the most because this is the one that is fucking me up the most right now to live my dream life.

So while I am pimping I can listen to both subs for extra focus, and while I am only studying for the 3-4 months a year I can only listen to that one custom, so that I am not losing energy from too much seduction scripting while only studying.

What do you think?

But anyway, the first thing I wanna do is to know what to combine when I only go for one custom.


I just saw that based on my own conclusions it would be pretty straight forward to leave out Februus, Inner Voice and Physicality Shifter. Still not sure about Sexual Manifestation, I would love to keep it too but then I would need to kick out one more module.

So let me put it another way:

  1. If you need to leave out one more module, which one would you?

  2. Will the healing module ARES, BLUE SKIES, and Negativity Displacer be sufficient enough for e.g. helping with the fear of hot woman, or would Februus give a nice needed kick. What healing combination would you instead recommend?

  3. Is there some other module (especially results enhancing) I did not list, you would rather add based on my goals and other picked modules. E.g. Pragya (Based on your gut feeling is fine enough)

  4. Would you recommend to go for one custom or two customs based on my situation? Does it matter much that I don’t have much social contact every 4 months? Would be running two subs with (35 modules in total) be overkill anyway and therefore a waste of money? I am not planning to stack the customs with other subs.


I would leave out focused arousal. I believe that’s a module where you’re able to make a woman feel arousal from a distance (?). I’d prefer to just go talk to them and if you already have a bunch of other modules working on your fear of approaching it seems unnecessary.


I did understand it that it will arouse the woman you are talking with and others in the room.

How much you arouse her determines the level of how hot you are in her mind. And of course, if you build sexual tension (arouse her), sex is more likely to happen. So I see this is a very valuable addon.


I actually changed some modules after meditating and following my intuition.

So the list above is not up to date.