Help for Building New Custom


Guys, I would like to see who can help me with this. I am also asking a few key people in private but I want to see what you guys think as well. Would be grateful for your help.

@Simon I think this also answers your question the other day, I wasn’t able to answer it till now. Would be grateful for your input, as well.

I want to create a custom that is similar to Emperor and Stark
Emperor’s d ominance, masculinity, unfuckwithability, status, and all these things

Starks’ creativity, enjoying life, innovativeness, money making, charisma and being able to move through life in that awesome way ( not interested in the celebrity part, not interested in fame, etc ,rather be the mystery guy behind the curtains )

I think also healing can be always great!

So my previous custom is (please see old custom)


But what do you think about this? Do you think it gives me the things I’m looking for or is stark having something more that I’m not including here? Do you recommend something else be added? To get me what I’m looking for…?


I intend to stack the two customs. Also I’ve listened to EoG up to stage 3… and QL up to stage 4… wonder if it’d be good to include these to not lose the results I gained from them or to get benefits of EoG eg, or if emperor already contains enough scripting in these regards

Also personal growth matters to me a lot, so I also want to address that of course. I mean, becoming better as a person in every way.

Sexiness , seduction and all that also matters to be a lot
What are your thoughts on this 2 customs does it get me what I want? Should I change anything?

also I heard/see with stark it’s like things easily happen, it gives you this luckiness , magnetism , etc
idk how much of this is in emperor/the custom ive picked

And, I’m a student currently and dont want to rub profs etc the wrong way by looking so much better than them, so like IF PCC can help with this, great - although I rather not shut off my light for this reason alone but I have heard stark can be better than emperor in this regard - would PCC balance that?

Also for getting people to do what I want as a leader, not having to do it all myself
PCC can help here? Don’t need anything else to create what you would get from stark in this regard?

Thank you!


I’m having trouble seeing all the modules you though of. Trailblazer and mystery are good for that mysterious and creative thing.

For sexiness, maybe add temptation or just SS.


Thanks for your response man

Please click the pictures to enlarge them

Well I can understand but… kinda at the limit - and I’m thinking those are already in Khan perhaps (maybe emperor too)???

Or do you think I should replace something with those? Eg Blue skies and new beginnings I feel can have immense long term benefits due to the healing - not sure what to replace if I were to do that - what do you think?

Looked at temptation, looks good man - not sure what to replace with that though
Or do you think Khan/Emperor already takes care of that?


Yeah, I might remove a booster to include Temptation. I still think you have plenty of sexiness in there, it’s just adding a module just for that could work faster.

By the way your sub is massive hahaha


Do you think Leader of Men is unnecessary since already included in Emperor (just a guess)
Or what would be already included elsewhere you think? I mean what is there that you think I can remove because it is already included elsewhere?

And ya I just really like to get the most I can out of it :smiley: I think I can handle it because have listened to emperor before, regeneration at some point also - Should be Gucci!



No need for Leader of Men if you have the emperor core. I know because i talk from experience.


Thanks a lot. How about Alpha of Alphas? is this also in Emperor already?

And what do you think about replacing all the creativity modules AND regeneration with QL ST4 would this effectively provide all I’ve went for here? Or… no?


Wondering which of these to include…or which ones are not needed because already in Emperor/Khan

also thinking of the limit of course


Perhaps I can skip Yggdrasil because I already have omnidimensional also?

Not sure yet about tyrant and pragya, to drop or to keep


Also, I’d take a deep breath before making this sub, think in 6 months. Who do you want to be, and how will these subs will change you. I don’t think you need all of those. You probably only need 1-2 here.

Remove leader of men, as suggested by BA. Also, if you have that Emperor dominance, you can ask yourself the question, do you need Alpha of Alpha?

I would probably only switch out Leader of men and replace if by a seduction one. You told us you wanted to explore your sexiness and seduction?

Temptation will make you sexually attractive. Sexiness unbound will help you explore and express it. Different goals, but in the same line.


You are so right. I didn’t do the deep breath, ended up kinda asking for refund (I know, not possible, etc)

I just wanna be sexy as possible :wink: always be on gf’s mind hehehee
Is just temptation enough you think for this along with rest of what we’ve got?

Indeed, will not go for leader of men then and well, the other ones, what do you think? I dont have aim of going after any women, but I’m in a long distance relationship and want to seduce the *** out of my girl be definitely on her mind all the time :wink: hence long range seduction also

but yeah, transcendental connection I’m also considering for this reason

seducer’s gaze, sensuality and handsomeness improver alsof ro this and sexiness unbound

but yeah, not sure if I should include these or what to replace actually - do you think if I take away Yggdrasil here it’s a good idea?

@WhiteTiger so I dont want to explore it but I want to be it, I think I already am to a great degree but can always explore it further, and this is all again just to seduce 1 woman :wink: on an ongoing basis

I’ll get rid of alpha of alpha, you’re right perhaps with emperor it’s not necessary

I guess Tyrant is also already in Emperor, or?


@WhiteTiger you’re amazing thanks for mentioning to me to add temptation

@blackadder you’re also amazing thanks for mentioning me to not include that one module

Any other suggestions guys? Do you think this will capture all I’m looking to get?


Also thinking should I include something like Joie de vivre or something like this to ‘feel good’? hmmm

Again the 20 module limit making life hard.
I have interest in the following also but not sure which ones are necessary to include and what I can drop include these instead…


Hahaha with your GF I would go with temptation. I think you’ll score some points with your lady becoming more and more a man like this. You don’t have to meet her or stuff like this, you can focus on make her desire you!


I’m actually trying to see if it’s possible to get a refund so I can do some reconsideration of some modules :X But I guess it won’t be possible

eg Maybe instead of some of the boosters, and instant business tactician, I could go for these?
Guess refund won’t be possible though

What do you recommend I go for in addition to temptation from this list @WhiteTiger? =) and what to drop?


How about I drop these 4

Instead include:
Transcedental connection
Total nonchalance


Nah, refunds are not avaliable for customs :joy: that’s why it needs to be taken into consideration before ordering.

Ok, 2 of the 4 new modules you presented are new. Do you really need them? Seems you are sacrificing 4 growth modules for 4 more social modules.

Do a list keyword list to anwser those question, and rate the value you give in importance to each awnser. Why you have Pragya, why you have submodel alpha, why Tyrant, why Merger of world. And for the other four you want to replace to. Then pick the ones that have the more weight for you. And after that stop surfing the Q store, you’ll get more shiny object syndrome!!


Thanks for your help bro

Ya, I didn’t put enough thought into this - Maybe I over listened to terminus subs last night

and I’m dealing with covid also -_- not very wise tbh

I should have thought about it more.

But yeah, Rogue and nonchalance are dope, at the same time, I think emperor already handles that or ?
And khan also… probably not needed… indeed, I guess shiny object syndrome

but temptation is dope… transcendental connection in order to create even more of a deeper and special relationship with my girl

But yeah maybe no need

It’s also based on what I already have in the other custom, I’m thinking is Pragya that useful for me? Maybe Transcendental connection is better? And instead of Leader of Men go for Temptation

Do you think this is a solid custom then considering the goals of what I want (and similar enough to Stark :smiley: because I really like some aspects of that)

Hard to do a keyword weighting thing
dominance, masculinity, unfuckwithability, status-> 10
creativity, enjoying life, innovativeness, money making, charisma and being able to move through life in that awesome way -> 10
healing -> 10
wealth -> 8
QL stuff -> 8
Seduction and sexiness -> 9 & the relationship itself + all I like to develop it into -> 10
luck, magnetic personality, getting what I want easy way -> 9
PCC -> 9

total nonchalance and rogue seem very useful but perhaps emperor already covers that (khan also)


Pragya-> boost
why you have submodel alpha-> better foresee future and make amazing decisions
, why Tyrant->better opinions, sense of self, creating reality that I desire
why Merger of world-> better understanding myself and impacting myself

temptation -> sexual appeal (esp to gf)
TC -> GF
Total nonchalance , Rogue -> sex appeal and awesomeness, but I think emperor and khan already more than enough for having this, or? so then, they are out of the equation

perhaps leader of men -> temptation
pragya -> transcendental connection since I already have deus


Blue Skies
Emperor Q Core
New beginnings
transcendental connection
submodel alpha
merger of worlds
regeneration q core
auric overdriver
secrets of akasha - wealth
harmonic singularity
instant business tactician
power can corrupt q core

Previous custom includes:
Khan st4 q core
long-range seduction
inner voice
dream traveler
physicality shifter - sexiness
epigenetic & DNA modulator
direct influencing aura
Carpe Diem ascended
emperor fitness st4 q core
alchemist st4 q core
productivity unleashed
lion IV
iq and cognitive booster

Do you think this covers what I’m looking to achieve? Are there any modules missing in order to get something of a Emperor + Stark effect (minus the fame because I’m not that interested in it,
But I do like the sexiness, attraction, magnetism, luck, being able to get people to do what you like, having fun enjoying life, etc…)