Hello fellows, a question

Most user reported a ZEN feeling on Khan, what stage is it in?
From what I picked up, it’s ST1.
What are your opinions? Does ST4 contain that ZEN feeling?
On a side note I have to report a phenomena on Khan.
@Sage_Ninjistic @Invictus
When you smoke weed, have you noticed when you look at a person you see who they are at the core? How I interpret it is that you see people a bit apart from their ego/primal survival & instinctual actions. You are so present that you observe on such a deep level AND you don’t interpret their actions by thoughts (as a psychoanalyst) you just observe. And all of a sudden they appear so shallow?
Today after a recon I mentioned recently in my journal, I am feeling this ZEN and was looking at my little 1 year old sister(I could not control myself when Iw as with her) and when I stared at her I was having that type of high on weed vision when you look at someone’s soul, suddenly she looked so shallow to me and I started laughing(couldn’t control myself since it was a new phenomena) and I looked at others and it was also the case with them, all of a sudden I was thinking all eyes are on me and it was happening, my little sister which kinda NEVER looks at someone was agitative and was kinda involuntarily looking at me. Like when you are high and you notice people as shallow and all of a sudden they start to look at you in the room.
Now we know that spiritual experiences happen when some chemical changes happen in the brain, eg secretion of anandamide which THC hijacks it’s receptors.
And in the meantime I read that Khan (ST1) is also a spiritual sub. (We would need @SaintSovereign ’s answer to this, or the whole question:))

just don’t smoke a weed.

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If I look at people sober, I can do this if I know person or I’m inclined to stare for a bit. I’m usually not inclined to dive that deep with people in general even if I know them 'cause, ya know…

Do unto others, and all that.

When I have smoked in the past, I generally isolate myself from people because I can’t control what comes through and what doesn’t as well without extreme mental and emotional control and I mean… what a high killer, wouldn’t ya say?

So all in all, yes, but no.

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I don’t

I’ve noticed in general that when people start a new subliminal, they might say they have a more clear mind. Fewer random thoughts.

With Khan, I think it could happen with any stage.

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My experience is that all stages had this calm, zen, and unperturbed stability.

But Total Breakdown it was definitely most noticeable this Tao, zen feeling which I believe is caused because you are just stripped empty and there is nothing to “latch” onto mentally.

Khan has a Calm, but the zen feeling is yet another thing in it, it also has a Spiritual exploration to discover your power and potential, alongside the freedom from Primal, and just being immensely grounded like a lion.

I loved Khan for this status, calm, and Spiritual discovery.

Especially the last two.

Just profoundly calm, no other program has this like Khan.

No modules have been able to replace this exact feeling.

It’s just something different.

For me, Total Breakdown had the zen most noticeably, I liked Total Breakdown and Khan Complete most, the latter has a lot of joy, freedom, amazement for life, freely exploring your reality and titanium will, with a supernatural believe in yourself and your abilities.

It’s a cool program I would run it again if I could exclude some portions of the script which did not as much resonate.

But it’s one, if not, the most profound program to understand and discover natural and Spiritual power.


Thank you for the elaborate post, so you believe it has a spiritual power aspect to it, which makes you powerful above the mental level.

It has a Spiritual touch to it, looking back it allows you discover your innate Spiritual powers such as your will, among some other things.

Lot’s of Spiritual goodies in there.

Also easily let’s you reinforce new believes and reprogram yourself (Total Reprogramming).

I wish there was module for this because on Total Reprogramming and even Khan Complete I would be in complete control of my habits, believes, behaviours, etc I became consciously aware of somethings and I would should change things about myself and it would happen or instill new believes.

Like eating new foods that you did not like before with ease.