Hella cheap speakers that should be decent for subs


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on sale today, seems to have a frequency range that works well for ultrasonic subs!


Oh wait that was an afilliate link? @SaintSovereign very sorry I saw the link on slickdeals.net and then I just copied and pasted them


what were the speakers called


If anyone is interested, the speaker I personally use are the Anker Soundcore 2. $30 I believe, frequency response is perfect for subliminals.


Clean link: https://www.focuscamera.com/tascam-14-watt-2-way-powered-desktop-monitors-with-bluetooth.html


I have the Anker SoundCore Boost,which suppose to be even better, but I have the issue that I hear a static sound when I connect them via bluetooth to my smart phone.


Only when playing sound? Or just when it’s connected?

If it’s hissing when playing sound, it means that the speakers not capable of reaching the frequency of the sub.


Are you sure about that? I have found the opposite. I can tell when a sub is playing because of the gurgling/staticy sound. When I play through my HIGH quality bluetooth headphones it is completely silent and I assume it doesn’t work so I don’t bother.


I don’t know if he’s sure but… My high end speakers don’t make a peep. I don’t do Bluetooth anymore because there was a very slight hiss. I have headphones ranging from the pixel 3 in box ones to Sony studio and ath m50x. Nothing too exciting. None of them hiss when wired. The hissing with Bluetooth is very imperceptible. I use freequensee app to make sure my sound levels are high enough.


When I bought the box, I made sure that it would have the right range -20000 Hz.So I hope it’s the bluetooth that creates the problem and I will buy an aux-cable and hope that it works great with that.


@gwared maybe that’s the case, however, while other competitor’s subs may be very inferior to subclub’s, the primary competitor states that if you hear static or crackling it means the speakers are distorting the sound and should thus be avoided.