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Which are the best subliminals for health, to HELP to cure a disease un subclub?
Can I mix the subliminals from subclub with others?



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What kind of disease are you trying to cure?

Emperor Fitness Stage 1 seems to be the best subliminal for general healing though.

Here a quote directly taken from the sales copy:
“Healing of the physical body is no easy task, and is something that still requires plenty of research in the subliminal field. However, our recent experiments have yielded fruit, and we have upgraded our physical healing technology to a new level. It will not be a miracle cure, but the Emperor Fitness healing is sure to help fix your body and guide you to methods that will assist further.”

Tagging @raphael as he is the expert in that area.

Yes, you can but the owners do not advise it as they don’t know what is in the other subliminal.


Hi friday,

Thanks, Im trying to cure osteoarthrosis in knees and hip. I read the page you send me. I see the only stage to HELP Is 1.


Sadly there is no single stage subliminal targeted for healing. Also, I am not sure how much Stage 1 EF will be able to help you.

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Thanks for your question, but unfortunately, we are not allowed by law to give medical advice. I advise you to see a licensed medical professional to have your issues addressed.

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