Healing stack for women

Hey there,

I was wondering what’s the be(a)st healing stack for women? I was thinking a combination of sanguine and regeneration, but then in the description of regeneration I saw that it contains “godlike masculinity”.

I’d like to avoid the person going through a break you phase, and go for a longer, smoother transition.


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I think @SaintSovereign clarified that godlike is unisex and can be used by women. Cant find that thread.
Women can also try the elixir with regeneration.

Oh, I was not aware that godlike masculinity is unisex. Thanks! I know that regeneration is listed as unisex, I just thought it’s by mistake.

It would be great if someone could confirm and link the reply from @SaintSovereign

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Also if regeneration is unisex then im sure the modules contained will be unisex


Sanguine + rebirth maybe?

I wouldn’t be overly concerned about Regeneration having Godlike Masculinity in it. If you’re secure enough in who you are it isn’t going to matter anyway. The subs can’t force you into being something you aren’t. Besides you have all these guys on here discussing their chakras, astrology charts, auras, and the masculine and feminine energy that goes with them whatever that means. The two aren’t related but I thought I would point it out. We did have a woman on here in the early days running Ascended Mogul and she got great results from what I recall. I would seriously consider running Regeneration and Elixir. See how you feel after a couple of weeks or a month and go from there