Healing modalities to help reconciliation process run smoother


I don’t know if SC subs are using Quantum healing methodologies (or similar) and Systemic Constellations principles but it will be benificial to use them.

Not every block is limiting belief or trauma. Sometimes the issue can be buried in family system. Loyalties is “blind love” that can have consequences of deadly illnesses, deaths and unfortunate destinies. Ignoring this information is the one of the most (I think) major reason why most sub vendors are failing to deliver the design goals of their products.

I really appreciate your work, SC guys, so would like to share this information with you. Check Bert Hellinger books for more info.


Are you talking about stuff like

https://www.psychologytoday.com/intl/therapy-types/internal-family-systems-therapy & http://www.vladimirstojakovic.com/integra-protocol.html



Like that, right. Not exactly but similar. Restoring balance in the family system leads to restoring individual state & life.

Not all problems are wrong beliefs and traumas. Loyalties are based on guilt and this guilt is very specific and most time can’t be released just easily. It sometimes feels like “betray your mother and father, betray your family and achieve any goal you want” :slight_smile: