Healing and insecurities


I have decided to go back to the beginning and run a stack consisting of Rebirth , Limit Destroyer , Sanguine, and Regeneration. Doing this has at times brought up intense feelings of anxiety and insecurity. Is that a normal part of the healing and growth process? My goal with running this is just I’m so over with anxiety , fear, or defensiveness being or feeling like my default reaction to anything. I’m almost 52 years old and I’m just done feeling and acting like anything other than an mentally and emotionally healthy person


Do any bodywork?


You mean like yoga? Starting DDP Yoga this week


DDP Yoga? I looked at it a while back and it barely resembled yoga. Maybe it changed though.

Then again, any fitness program is better than no fitness program. And DDP is not an easy one to start with. Good luck!

Look at some YouTube videos for Yin yoga for the hips. See what that does for your emotions. People tend to experience a lot of stuff when opening the hips.


It’s a combination of yoga , calisthenics, and something called dynamic resistance. I will check out your suggestions. Thank you. If it does anything to eliminate or help the hip pain I have when I’m sleeping I’m all for it. I know with everyone being stuck inside for now that a lot of the YouTube yoga channels have exploded in popularity and viewership


I use one of these every day to strengthen my hips and rehab my knee.


DDP is pretty good, I’ve used it in the past with very good results.

Arthur Boorman’s story is pretty inspirational. Ignore the text, just watch the video.


Yes. Yoga is great. But it’s less about the specific practice and more about the style in which you do it.

just googled to find someone who has expressed it well. this one’s good:

Here’s the problem (and this is important): your body cannot tell the difference between physical and emotional danger. This is the reason that you have this fight or flight response to stimuli, whether it is emotional or physical. Your brain, the very primal part of your brain involved here, thinks that you are in physical danger, which is why you have the physical symptoms.

We need to address the physical in order to solve the problem. So the issue is twofold: we need to bring the body’s response down, calm down the hormonal messengers who are telling you that you are in danger and then we can work on the mental and emotional aspects. Otherwise, we are setting you up for failure.

So, the next time that you are struggling with healing from your trauma, remind yourself that your body is doing exactly what it is supposed to do. It is protecting you. You just need a little work on recalibrating the alarm system.


I thought Total Breakdown worked well on you?


On the sales page it says for rebirth “ you will reframe your views with blinding speed,” so I’m assuming rebirth works very very fast at removing Limiting beliefs and healing you


I am pretty sure most subclub subs have some sort of limiting belief remover in some sort of way.


@JCast don’t you want to get started on reprogramming? If the goal is to remove every single possible limiting belief, know that that can take a long time. In addition, the SubClub team is currently developing an even more powerful healing module called “Blue Skies.”


@King @SubliminalUser Total Breakdown was working for me. I will continue it here in the next couple of months or so. I have been running Rebirth and Regeneration together for the last couple of days and I feel decent. I was reading a bit about Blue Skies. Sounds intriguing. Any idea when it might be released?


I stopped running Total Breakdown for the time being because as with @SaintSovereign and when he was running Blue Skies, Total Breakdown was destroying my productivity. Not that I can do a whole lot being under quarantine or a stay at home order but it was having an impact on my desire to do anything around the house


Maybe you can still run total breakdown just do a few loops a day so you get the benefits of it and since your not listening to it more than a few loops a day total breakdown wont destroy your productivity. This way you can get the best of both worlds


@JCast I have been running Total Breakdown for 4 months in total. I had some major trauma I wanted to resolve with St1, and especially my fear of 10/10s. From time to time it was really intense, whereas some days I did not feel anything. But I always felt like I made some progress, often even resolving some traumas I did not even know I had.

4 months passed… I was laying down on the beach enjoying myself and thinking about life. I thought about my journey when I noticed that I still did not resolve the initial problems that motivated me to run St1 in the first days. I got frustrated and thought the subliminal was not working. At that moment a thought stroke me… The thing holding me back is not my trauma anymore but my sheer lack of taking action. Total Breakdown did its job. But I need to now take action to replace that trauma with some reference experience. I literally forgot about ST2 the whole time I was running St1.

I started running Emperor right after St1 and it did not even take 10 days after I had enough social reference that I finally knew that I got rid of my fear of hot woman and the biggest things that were holding me back.

Reprogramming is just so essential as breaking down

Breakdown with Stark Q

@friday I have some major trauma or traumas myself. I see going back to Rebirth and Regeneration as a starting point for my healing experience and journey. Like I said before I feel pretty good right now. I have spent quite a bit of time over the last week or so asking myself why I listen to subliminals and/or what my goals are and it always comes back to a few things

  1. Become an emotionally stable and healthy person
  2. To just be a good person. The world is filled with enough immature self absorbed douche baggery ( new word I just made up)
  3. Be able to see the humor in anything as opposed to having anxiety , fear, or defensiveness be my immediate response


One thing I forgot to mention is the incredible amount of gratitude I have been feeling lately. I have even had moments where I catch myself from going to do something else and then instantly stop myself and think " what the fuck dude? This is awesome. Relax , be patient, enjoy this and soak it in ". With how crazy all of our lives have become to me that is so huge