Headphones vs speakers for results


This is one I’ve been wondering about for a bit. I listen to masked only. I’m curious if there’s a benefit to headphones over speakers? As far as responsiveness to subs go.

I’ve been thinking about a theory for a bit regarding perceived volume and where something originates from. Headphones have a very “inside your own head” effect. And usually things are just naturally louder as they are closer to your ears and don’t have to travel through air. The two of these combined might mimic the volume and location of your internal dialogue.

Just a theory like I said. But maybe if you can match the imagined volume of your own internal dialogue and simulate it coming from within, the subconscious will see it as less of an outside thing and more of a naturally internally generated thing.

Going to be experimenting with this myself. At the very least I think there’s something with volume that plays a significant role in how we respond to subs. Calibrating that correctly seems very subjective and nuanced though.


Masked can be compromised in a noisy environment whereas ultrasonics don’t because they are on a completely separate frequency band. i see that being the only factor. But if you can hear it over other noise i think it’s fine either way. I think saint would have mentioned it if the subs were designed in a way that required l/r speaker channel separation for proper results. That’s my thought


The biggest thing for me is that it is easier to simply connect a pair of speakers to an mp3 player, put it in repeat mode, and let it play essentially all the time. I can hear the masking sound and I know it is continuing to play.

If I am using headphones I need to remember to put them on and play the track on my phone. Also there are many situations where it is not possible or convenient to wear headphones.

I do, on occasion find myself listening to a sub through headphones, but it isn’t very often.

Are subliminals more effective through headphones? Honestly, I have no idea. I am curious about the possibility that they might be.

I know with the set-up I use I will be able to get 18+ hours of listening a day.


I regularly throw ideas on how I think one can improve subs at Saint. In all likelihood I’m always running behind and what I suggest has been done ages ago. If it has, he ain’t sharing.

I remember telling him of things you could do by using both left and right channels effectively. He just smiled. You know, one of those smiles stating “I know something you don’t”

So I don’t know anything for certain, but as far as I am concerned, subs work amazingly using speakers. But if you happen to have a pair of headphones handy and it’s not too much trouble, why not use them?

Easier now, maximizing exposure may no longer be the way to go.


Yup, just throwing ideas out there. I’m no subliminal expert. I imagine they’ve been through a ton of this. With the reduced loops I have switched to headphones for my listening when I can.


The reason I would use speakers over headphones is that then I don’t need to wear headphones, or mess with a cord, or charge up bluetooth earbuds.

The reason I like set it and forget it is that it is zero maintenance, zero upkeep. I don’t ever need to remember to play a track.

If one only needed to listen once a day to a subliminal track, then I could see making it a meditation and sitting down to do it once a day; however, no maintenance, set it and forget it is still pretty much no effort and does not need to be remembered.

These are the reasons I have things set up for set it and forget it.

I read people’s posts and one thing I notice is how often people intend to listen to the subs and start with enthusiasm and then just forget, or stop or get very inconsistent. Any practice that gets too complex and fiddly in carrying it out is likely to get dropped fairly quickly.

I have been consistently listening to Sub Club products for 20 months now because of set it and forget it. Obviously someone may have a different strategy that works for them, and if so, I commend them for it. I would never try to argue that my way is the right way for everyone or that anyone should take it up. I simply present it as my strategy and my experience.


That is my problem as well. I can’t work with wires and i have to charge my Bluetooth neckband every night. My neckband works freaking great with ultrasonics even turned all the way up on full blast with absolutely no distortion coming from speakers. Wish the battery could last more than a day though.

So i do use my phone mono speaker when I’m at work and tired of Bluetooth. I sleep with headphones though because i have wife / kids. I do miss those old days when i had my own place. Id have my setup just like yours :wink:.


I am fortunate to live by myself and be able to set up things as I like; but no wife or children so I miss out on the most positive aspects of that, too.

I would say that, for myself, I would have difficulty making it work with constantly using headphones, even being able to play the subs behind something else using musicolet .

I have had issues with usb-c adapters for my phone. I find charging bluetooth headphones a pain.

I have used my phone with ultrasonics and the tiny speakers on my phone and my guess is its probably less effective and one is exposing other people to the subliminals, which I think is ok in passing, but not for extended time periods.

It all just ends up being too high maintenance for me. If that is a strategy that works for someone else, then I am happy for them.


My only concern in this area is using my mono iPhone speakers. I always thought they sound like crap playing anything else, so could there be a quality loss? Also what if they are utilizing panning or maybe even 3D audio, how would that work on a little mono speaker?

But I’ve heard a lot of people have success with the phone speaker and I was too. I usually prioritize using my headphones on masked whenever I can though, just gives me more peace of mind.


I am in the same boat as you, I am sure most of the phones use mono speakers only. Worried about the results / more like in a dilemma whether its working or not. If someone could share similar experiences like this would be hekpful.


Honestly, what’s the point in stereo speakers on a phone anyway? Phones these days are big, but unless you have this phone:

you won’t get the expected stereo benefits. The speakers are right next to each other, the sound still reaching you from a single point. Any decent mono-device will simply merge the channels together and play them just fine.


If mono speakers will achieve the desired results then no no need for stereo. Hope the scripts aren’t recorded in such a way that it will reap maximum results only through stereo output compared to mono.


would you give us a testimony of how you have changed in the past 20 months and what programs you have used?


Sorry, but no. I don’t have anything I need to prove to you and your experience is different from mine. It is up to you to make your own choices, devise your own strategies and do your own work. As I said, I do things my way and I am not telling anyone else how they should do it.


@dorfmeister no problem, its cool… however 20 months is a long time.



You are welcome to give a testimony and full accounting of your subliminal activity for as long as you have used them, if you feel doing that is useful.

I am not sure 20 months is a long time in terms of personal development.

I am happy I have listened and have seen good things happen. It is an ongoing process. Do I feel like I have had some radical transformation? No, but I see things shift as I continue to listen.

If I did not see it as a positive process I wouldn’t keep going; but I also won’t imagine to know in such a varied and subjective process when and if certain things should happen for myself or anyone else.

Things will happen, but they will not be exactly as you imagine when you start the process. Sometimes you will feel like you are going backwards, too. Sometimes it feels like not much is happening, too.

But I haven’t tripled my income or become a celebrity or have more women than I can handle lining up at my door.


all the best with your journey @dorfmeister


i use a huawei phone, but havent checked if they are mono or stereo, i prefer having the head phones on for masked, while i continue to learn other stuff

i use the ultrasonic on phone speakers while asleep. however speakers isnt an option for me. so i stick to my headphones

but now whats creeping in my head is the excessive use of headphones will cause hearing damage in the long run, so i lower the volume to the least possible, fairly audible.


Yup :+1::shushing_face::loudspeaker::exploding_head:


Can also try this:

I’m using it for sleeping, it’s really comfortable than the normal earphones