Headphone question


Hi @SaintSovereign

I have a technical question here. Most days I listen to AscMogul at work through Sony earphones like this

I work in customer service so I spent 8 hours a day hooked to a phone wearing a Jabra Pro headset like this one (that covers only one ear)

I actually wear the headset on top of the Sony earphones and I listen to the sub through my Android phone. Sometimes I also listen to stuff on Youtube through the Jabra Pro headset while the sub is playing through the Sony earphones.
This is not the optimal set up but it’s what I have to do for now until I leave that job, hopefully soon.

Do you think listening to the sub through earphones while talking to customers through another headset hurts anything? I mainly listen to the masked versions.


This should be okay. As long as you can hear the mask, you’re getting the subliminal programming.