Headache on subliminals?

I have Stark + Ascension in my stack. Recently I have started to notice headaches while listening to Stark. I have tried Stark standalone and still causes me headaches. But everything is fine when I listen to only Ascension. Any ideas on what might be causing this? Is it due to too many subs for me? Or that the messaging in Stark isn’t working with my psyche?

Headaches are considered a common sign of reconciliation, which I take to mean just growing pains, rather than subconscious rejection or disagreement… it is a lot of content for your brain to process, it’s like cramming for a test.

I’ve only had sub-related headaches once, and it felt exactly the same as when I first started taking aniracetam… and that was caused by an acetylcholine deficiency.

Drink more water, with electrolytes, and try taking a choline source… available from food in egg yolks, or easily obtainable through common supplements. I prefer phosphatidylcholine as it avoids the “fishy odor” that other sources of choline can cause.


What @BLACKICE said. In addition, try lowering the number of loops for Stark. Are you using StarkQT or StarkQ? If you’re playing StarkQT, try limitting it to only 1 loop every other day. Once you have grown accustomed to it, then you can increase your loop count.

Stark QT is a heavy sub, you’re asking your brain to do a lot of work to process it. Extra nutrition will be required.

I take 50+ supplements a day to support both my mental and physical health, but that’s likely overkill for most people.

If you get headaches when doing extra mental processing, I highly recommend adding supplemental choline plus at least 3g a day of a good quality omega-3 fish oil. Magnesium is a good option too.

Most likely over-processing, some you could definitely associate as reconciliation indirectly. It’s not that your unconscious & conscious mind are reconciling there beliefs, rather your brain cannot follow with processing the instructions.

Similar to a computer when a lot of load is being put on the processors it needs cooling, our brains need optimal energy (low-chain fats – MCT Oil is going to help you greatly), and of course hydration through clean water.


Yep, processing C8 MCT oil produces ketone bodies, which is a very efficient fuel for your brain. I go through 32oz of it every couple of weeks. Good stuff.


I am on StarkQ and not Terminus because I couldn’t take even one loop on that. I have started taking Centrum Supplements for men and it does help.

How do you guys take the MCT oil? Is it through bulletproof coffee?

I have it directly and in coffee…
Doesnt matter how long as you have it.