Having ringing sensation on my ears


I listen to ultrasonic subliminals on my phone.

Today, I’ve been getting some ringing sensation on my ears.

Can this be for the subliminals? It’s been over 2 months that I’m listening to only ultrasonic on my phone speakers.


From time to time, I had some ringing in my ears, but then I would stop the track for about 5 minutes, and my hearing returned to normal. It happens about 2 times per month.

But, for some people, it became an ear problem called Tinnitus. At least that’s what I understood from @Tarmicle and I think another person.

@Tarmicle, could you share your experience with the ringing sensation in your ears?


Listening to Emperor v4 ultrasonic I got a severe tinnitus and I had to stop listening for almost one month so that the issue could easy.


There are two possible reasons:

  • Too high volume
  • Resistance

In many cases it actually is resistance, it is amazing how our subconscious can react to stimuli. I’d also recommend just stop it or lower the volume (which helps most of the time), practice Wim Hof breathing regularly and you should be fine. I also use corresponding audios from yt


With great pleasure, @AMASH

Well, let’s just say that I always had tinnitus. Like, I didn’t even remember the time I hadn’t that slight ringing in my ears.

Don’t know why, probably something in my childhood damaged my hearing. Even though I went to the doctor a few times, made a couple tests and according to specialist, my hearing is 100% fine.

That being said, I started listening to subs on August 2019. One day, I decided I’d put on Khan ST1 on my iPhone and just leave it there, next to my bed for the whole night. Volume was about 50%.

The next day, I had terrible tinnitus.

Now, I’m not sure if it was just my imagination or not, but that damned ringing just went from 10 to 50 in one single night.

Of course, I blamed the subs.

I stopped listening to them altogether and went to the doctor. I feared I had permanently damaged my hearing. After some hearing tests, he said my hearing was fine, but I decided I’d still leave subs for good.

The ringing went on for a few months. Now it seems it’s a little better. But, honestly, I can’t say if the ringing itself calmed down a bit, or it’s just me that I got used to it.

Either way, now I’m back to subs. I’m only using masked versions and I’m not having any problems. :slight_smile:

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Never thought about the resistance stuff. Interesting.