Have you ever had a dream with writer's block?


I have difficulty remembering my dreams. Actually, I have yet to remember a single one. With one exception. If I sleep without an alarm clock, just wake up naturally, I tend to wake up semi-lucid in a dream. At that point, I can make it last for hours if I want to, as long as I don’t get too active. Why semi-lucid? I have to obey the laws and rules of the story I wake up in. Like the Matrix, I can bend the rules, but I can’t break them. I can guide my story into the direction I want.

For the past weeks (possibly since I started using subliminals again) I’ve been waking up in an epic story. So epic, I’ve been writing parts down in my someday-I’ll-be-a-writer-book under the heading Eden Chronicles.

Every day, it’s a new chapter. But for the past week or so, I keep waking up at the same spot. It’s like my dreams are having writer’s block and are expecting me to provide resolution to this particular plot point. I’ve tried all kinds of things, but every time the effects to the story are undesirable and I wake up like Groundhog Day at the same point in the story. It’s starting to get frustrating.

Has anybody ever experienced something like this? Where dreams are expecting you to give them an answer of some kind and keep repeating until you do?


I have with regen I woke up going home and I take the same path everyday but I got lost in a random place and then I end up somewhere which seems to be on the way to my house but there is pool and all and it was really messed up, it always ended with me being omg the way was right here and so easy, and as I start going back I get up, this happened for song long until I eventually slowed regen down to pretty much 3 loops a day


Ever figured out what it meant?

I suppose I could tone it down on the subs, and maybe the story fades.

But frankly I like the story. It’s an epic story. I’ve gotten a bit of a sneak peak based on the different solutions to this plot point I’ve tried so far, and it could go from being its current dystopian to anywhere between steampunk and full-blown sci-fi. I’m guessing if I get the right solution, it’ll be a bit of both. I am loving it. Well, I was until it got stuck on repeat.

Sometimes I wish I could have meaningful dreams like others, but all I seem to get (from what little I remember) are New York Times bestsellers. If there is a meaningful message in there it is that I should write them down. I really should take some writing courses.


Unfortunately no, I think it was something like oh I’m confused in life and my answer is right here or something but this is just a guess I don’t really know how to interpret dreams so just ignored it, it’s one more skill for me to learn in the future