Has anyone used Boxing Mastery X in a stack?

As the title says I want to see if anyone has used it . I am aspiring amateur boxer and in my current stack I have khan , emperor fitness and quantum limitless . I was originally going to use that stack for a whole year but now I am thinking of swapping out emperor fitness after six or eight months for boxing mastery. I’m also using emperor fitness to develop my physiology to the point where i can compete elite athletes in my respective weight division . But one thing I’ve noticed from using emperor fitness is that i can pick boxers who have similar physical proportions to myself and look at their fighting style. Since I’m a late starter I need every edge I can get .


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Not Boxing Mastery X, but myself @Yazooneh and @Viking have experience with Muay Thai Mastery X and customs featuring it.

It’s definitely good shit. You will improve at the sport at a faster rate, I can almost guarantee that.


When i used muay rhai mastwry, i was training in my dreams, dreaming about sparing/fighting/punching the bag.

And while sleeping my body wpuld literally flinch and one time i woke myself up because i threw a punch to the air while sleeping.

My skills was improving very fast, until i made a custom too soon amd got recon which made me worst.

But yeah this title is amazing.


Did you experience any physical shifting

Not in bigger muscles, but in faster punches.


Thats what im looking for .

I was thinking in starting boxing again too and was thinking in adding it to my wealth stacks.

I want to go for it bcs it complements very well with my judo background.

I thought of muay thai but i think boxing is a better combo for street fighting with a judo brackground.

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For whatever it’s worth, in private messages we had exchanged last year @SaintSovereign had mentioned that MTMX contains the entirety of BMX’s script, and then some. Perhaps he can confirm it here as well, if that is still the case (which I assume).

I definitely agree with your assessment though, boxing is king when it comes to self-defense in the streets. Muay Thai is king of the strikes however, and that is why a MT fighter beats a boxer virtually every time, in and out of the street.

And as a Judo practitioner, MT’s clinchwork would be something you would love to work with IMO.


Well i thought about it since i have a very strong judo background getting close isnt the problem, if i do its game over.

I thought about boxing since its easier to master and i will develop very powerfull fist blows, also besides the clinch and the low kicks of MT, i dont see any benefit in a street fight where most fights end in the ground and we know judo is also king in the ground.

But i am all listening, i just want to be prepared to not be prepared if it makes sense.

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If I were to be in a street fight, I would use elbows before any other tool. You can land shots with elbows at the hook range (especially if you have longer arms, like me) with significantly more devastating impact than a hook.

But like you said, boxing is definitely easier to master and indeed judo is king on the ground, these points we can definitely agree with and why I believe going the boxing route is a good choice for you. But do not discount Muay Thai’s superiority over every other striking discipline, which to me is clear.

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I agree with you but in a street fight enviroment normally we have tight legs and only low kicks are an option. I am considered medium stature but i have a large body due to years of body building. I could see myself training muay thai, since i already trained kickboxing. In a street fight most guys will try to put you down with punches, so having a strong boxing with judo is a good combo.

I am confused, although i can even do both. But i wanted to master the Art before i go to another.

My main focus is beeing toally prepared for street fights and MMA. I live near though places where i normally have to defend myself, even versus armed individuals.

So my goal is : Judo , boxing or Muay thai, then maybe wrestling. I want to be a more complete fighter.

Since muay thai mastery has the entire script of boxing, buying it would be a 2 in 1 deal i guess?

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