Has anyone tried stacking Khan 3 or above and Emperor V4?


Has anyone tried stacking Khan 3 or above with Emperor V4?

What do you think of the stack?

I’m gonna try it tonight in loop.


yes its a bit mental girls start talking to you for no reason, your libido fires up. You start making yourself busy.


Aren’t you running QL, Khan and some additional programs already?


Current stack is V4, khan stage 3 and Commandant.


I ment my friend @mecharc



@Hermit K3 and Ql… Since Ev4 has Ql lite in it and I have EV4 I’n my inventory, I wanted to experiment and see how swapping ev4 and ql would affect.


I thought you were sticking to one thing for the first half of 2020?


Situations keep changing, Priorities keep changing.


@mecharc - yes. You don’t owe anyone any explanation of why you want to change your stack or how many subs you are using. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. That’s it. Experiment and see what works best for you.



But I know it is not a good decision, I want EVERYONE on the forum to be empowered. I can only give advise from my perception. I would love to see a @Mecharc success journal :slight_smile:

Testing is very much allowed as well but do keep it mind it won’t give you increased results in any way. I read a lot of time you want fast results, lower down you stack, increase your exposure and increase the action you have to take towards the goals at hand.

Helping people & seeing the results fuels me.


I tried it! And it makes me feel like a beast!

But, experimentation is over for now.

Will come back to EV4 when I start my EOG journey.

Now it’s back to the Quantum Khan


I can understand that. But at the sametime constantly changing the subs you run doesn’t help you at all. Trust me i did that for a few months and it didn’t work for me at all. It’s better to stick to a stack for a few months regardless of the situation. Empv4 and khan are both stacks you can literally run for honestly anything because they are both all in ones atleast for guys and business wise. Especially Empv4 because it has mogul, acension and sex mastery full scripts in it plus QLL and the Emp 4 part script. So it fits to a bunch of needs not just one. But just choose a stack and stick with it. For business all 3 will help, EoG might help the most but all 3 will certainly help somewhat.


I am not saying he owes anyone any explanation but if he keeps changing his stack constantly he wont see the desired results. And we all want each other to see results here. Experimentation is great but subs take time to take effect and constantly changing them in and out does not help at all. Also changing them in and out constantly means it will take more time to see results which in turn hampers your progress. You wont give it enough time to even see a change. It’s like working out it takes consistency and time to see results. You can’t workout for a week or even 2 then expect to gain a lot muscle. And when you don’t say, you say oh i haven’t seen results time to change and go do something else, life doesn’t work that way.


@Floridianninja - he knows that by now. Our repeating it will not do him any good. Let him learn on his own. Many times we give advice because we want to be right. And since we have already adviced him on the same, let him choose what to do with it.


Also, who knows? His SUPERSTACK or VARIABLESTACK might just work for him. And we can end up learning a new thing or two.


The EOG journey won’t start atleast until I reach QL ST4, and 3 months of K ST4. So I’m looking into May 2020

Thanks for looking out for me brothers :).
It’s the hard love that helps me stay on track




Did you get the EoG emails from Saint? What do you think about the aims?


Tbh, I don’t know of it’s only me, but, even though the emails were very interesting to read, it doesn’t give a clear picture of the subliminal itself. I am sure building an intrgue was the purpose of the emails anyway.


I’m on Day 22 Ql 1 and K3

I have 2 exams coming up on 5th and 6th Feb.

Would you advise me to use “Q4 and K4” until my exams then come back to Q1 and K3.


continue Q1 K3 during night time and Q4 K4 while I study?

Which one is the wiser option?