Has anyone tried Hypnodaddy on YouTube?


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I’m not trying to draw traffic of any kind towards this YouTube channel or any other subliminal creators. In fact I’m interesting to see if anyone has tried any other subliminal sources like Hypnodaddy which is in my opinion quite effective as well. From my experience and from what I’ve tested subliminal’s from Subliminal Club work differently but way more effective in the long run. I’ve had faster results with Hypnodaddy but not as effective and well thought trough programs as presented by Subliminal Club. So much value has put into the long term effects of the Subliminal Club programs, it’s really worth it in my opinion and I’ve only been using them for around a day or two. The effects are working tremendously already.

I would love to hear your opinions on this one, honesty and awareness of fact are key here. Please let me know in the comment section below.

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I have heard of him and others on youtube. The problem is… you hear alot of subliminal-youtubers getting exposed for using negative, no really evil stuff in their subliminals. I dont know if I could listen to something like this carefree.
Which have you listened to and how were the effects manifesting in a different way?


The best subliminals I’ve found are the ones here. They are incomparable with YouTube subliminals in my opinion. I don’t listen to them.


I never figured Youtube subs were, for the most part, worth my time. Now with using the Subliminal Club products I can’t say I am even curious about them any longer.


Yeah I tried some YT subliminal years ago, including Hypnodaddy’s ones. Pretty sure his subs worked for me. I remember for his sub for male beauty I noticed micro improvements on my face like thinner lips and nose, etc. Especially the thinner lips I could swear it was real, and they were more pink than usual too. Kinda mind blowing. Now I lost the results at some point because I didn’t stick with the sub and still to this day I wonder if it was placebo or not.
Then there was another Hypnodaddy’s sub for lucid dreaming I tried. Again I was inconsistent and only tried it for a few days but I had more and more sleep paralysis. Usually I tend to LD after SP so yeah, I believe it helped.

All in all I tried a bunch of YT subs and they pretty much worked for me. A lot of people say they are not powerful but this is not my experience. However, you should be concerned with safety.


I know of one professional competitor of SubClub that started out on YouTube but has since opened his own store. His prices are comparable to SubClub, his terminology comparable to the one-that-must-not-be-named-but-makes-6-stage-subs. And he ventures into the tricky subject of physical alterations. No idea if his subs work, I stay away from them due to his phrasing of “strong AP code included”.

I have also heard of people using boosters from YouTube with great success. In the end, you never know. There are good ones, there are bad ones. I don’t really trust YT comments, but I might trust a third party moderated forum where people discussed their experiences.

If there’s ever a sub manufacturer that can stimulate Melanin production to give me a tanned skin without needing to spend hours in the sun, they’ll make me a client for life. You know you are pale when a nerdy Apple server-admin shakes your hand and tells you with a big grin that you are as white as he is.

For now, the big question for me is: is discussing this topic within or against the rules? :slight_smile:


@Hermit - I know you are just curious but discussing other subliminal channels (whether YouTube or Website based) isn’t really encouraged here. Mainly because this forum is made to discuss subliminals fron SubClub and we have the Emperor’s Lounge to discuss other complimentary self-improvement tools like books, hypnosis etc. Am mentioning this so that we stay within the realm of relevant topics while we are here on this forum


There is one. Look up Sapien Medicine on YouTube. It’s really the only channel I trust one there and has very positive results. These are not subliminal’s though, rather energetic and morphic frequencies. Very much stronger then subliminal’s. Give it a try, I assure you these work and are very effective.


Alright, that’s fine. I was in no way trying to thrive traffic or eyes towards any other channels. I’ve tried many and haven’t found anything as profound as the ones from SC. I don’t mind if you would close this topic if it goes against the rules, it’s totally up to you. I am trying evaluate and compare different subliminal creators and there results. Subliminal Club is definitely leaving there competition far behind in the eternal cosmos.


SC have niched the market by offering the flexibility to stack multiple products. Not seen any other company do that.