Has anyone listened subs at 4x speed?


I am listening to Khan at 4x speed. I cover the affirmations 4 times. Subconscious needs a message presented again and again. It can easily handle 4x speed. So I believe its better way to to.

What are your thoughts?


I guess when this is possible and effective, Fire and Saint already did it to a maximum level. Meaning you wont make it any better. Only worse, I guess


It sounds like the subs are already scripted/composed pretty intensely, I don’t know if 4x speed listening would be doable. I listen to audiobooks, podcasts, etc at 1.5x speed so I get the idea you’re after, just not sure it’d work with subs. Let us know your results though, I’d be happy to be wrong in this case! :grinning:


As with multiple instances, this is also not a new idea.

To quote myself from today on another thread:

But if you want to run it at 4x that’s up to you.


I’m gonna let @Fire or @SaintSovereign give you the definitive answer on this, but I highly doubt this will benefit you. They’ve already put a ton of research and development into the subs and likely are implementing everything possible already for maximum exposure without sacrificing comprehension.


I would not “tamper” with the subs in anyway. Any tweaks should be done by SC and noone else.


I mean via VLC media player?


I understand … you’re new, excited, and experimentation is encouraged. :+1:

It is a superbly bad idea, but if beginners don’t try out stupid shit, who else will. :smile:

4x Action is what will change your life. Not 4x more listening.

The sooner you understand this, the faster you’ll progress with SubClub products.
If you resist this, you’ll keep coming up with stupid ideas. :rofl:


Haha…Thanks for this…A lot of new ideas…