Happy New Year From Subliminal Club


@SaintSovereign and I wish you all a happy New Year. :slight_smile:

We wish you the most growth possible, the greatest success with women, the most amazing wealth, and for you to become the men you’ve all dreamed of becoming.

Thank you guys for all the support, we look forward to advancing human potential even further, growing the community, and creating the best possible products for you guys.

It was an amazing year, and there is so much more to come.

A little surprise..

We’ve been working on releasing the updated Ascension v2 for New Years. It will be available as soon as I’m done with it - which is soon.

We will update you when it is out, and it will be a free update to those who purchased Ascension.

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Thank you! That is great news!

And happy new year to you and to @SaintSovereign :partying_face:


You guys are awesome! Happy new year :tada: to everyone on this site and involved in the process. :slightly_smiling_face:


I look forward to running this tomorrow!

A new thread for this will be desired. I’m curious about what improvements are contained in it.

Thanks to all of you doing the busy work at SubClub!


Happy New Year to @SaintSovereign, @Fire and everyone on this site! I wish everyone a good time and hope that your year may be filled with progress and contentment :fireworks::fireworks::partying_face::rofl::sparkler::sparkler:


Subliminal Club has helped me accomplish more in 4 months than I ever dreamed possible, so I can’t wait to see what we can do in 2019! I hope you guys take huge steps next year towards building Subliminal Club into a multi-million dollar empire.


@SaintSovereign or @Fire, I know Ascension 2 is almost out.

Could you include the Sanguine stacking module in it? For myself, having a positive attitude makes taking on personal responsibilities I’ve avoided much, much easier. I speak from personal experience using a subliminal with this scripting. Life seems not so problematic or potentially troublesome when I’m used to framing it positively :slight_smile:

I realize that for most of my life, when I have bad imaginations about something I need to do, I avoid, procrastinate, or intentionally neglect doing it. Even now I have things I could do today which would help me in multiple ways, but I’ve had negative thinking parked on it. Reframing it allows for the possibility that it is likely nothing near as bad as I thought. So far, Ascension has challenged my old mindset. I would love to feel positive, or look for positivity, in all of life’s challenges.

It may be too late, but I am definitely requesting Sanguine!


@subliminalguy you sound exactly like me. That knowing that everything will be ok instead of creating all these scenarios in my head out of worry or fear. That would be so cool


I DO relate to a lot of your struggles and fears too @JCast. I so relate. It’s embarassing even admitting one’s weaknesses, but I do so here since I truly want something better. I’ve done my fair share of whining–including here–but solutions are here. So I admit them.

We’re not alone. And peace is right in front of me. I think I write here so much for accountability. I may have had the exact negative thoughts yesterday, or a week before. Me revisiting those feelings here encourages me to say “do I want to do this again?” That internal battle as to whether I choose differently is what makes me grow. When I’m not challenged, I have no encouragement to do something different. Change is good. It’s rarely been easy, but it does have payoffs.

Thanks for the shoutout :slight_smile: