Happy 2nd New Year From Subliminal Club


@SaintSovereign, I and the SC team wish everyone a happy 2nd New Years! This is the second SC New Years and it has been an amazing year.

We have all grown, as a community and personally. We all kept up with all the journals posted here and been with you since the start of your journeys. We’ve read the challenges you faced and how you defeated them, and we’ve brainstormed for endless hours how we can help you conquer greater and greater challenges.

We know how hard things can get… but again and again, we have seen you pushing on and growing in ways some might say are impossible.

And that is why we are supremely proud of this community that is growing bigger every day. Because we are all truly advancing human potential.

We wish you even more strength to push your limits and the courage to break them. We wish you the most amazing wealth and growth, the most success with the opposite sex, and utmost joy and fulfillment.

We also want to thank you for your immense support. We are seriously looking forward to the coming year where we can grow even more, and field even more powerful subliminals! We will be pushing the limits of what is possible even further.

Another amazing year, and there is so much in the works for the next one.

A little spoiler..

Emperor Fitness as well as the Commandant are next for release and will be coming relatively soon. Emperor Fitness will include (among other things) a few necessary new technologies based around physical changes driven by the user. Commandant will be outfitted with a part of the newly-cleared energy based developments, from testing that has been underway for a while now.

There is also a highly experimental technology that could instantly transform a person and his worldview in very early testing. Exciting!

We can’t give out too much about the rest just yet, but… great things are coming. :wink:


Crazy I made up my mind to wake up everyday and do 100 push-ups. Starting tomorrow morning and then I see the spoiler lol.


If I may ask; what’s the eta looking like for them? Also same time for them both?


Thank you, happy new year and best wishes to every body :slight_smile:


Just ducking in from my unplanned chaotic holidays to wish everybody an amazing 2020! May you have all you need and want all you have. And if you are religious, may your neighbors respect you, troubles neglect you, angels protect you, and heaven accept you.

I truly wish you all the best.


To all our Emperors & Khans, Moguls & Spartans, Artists & Alchemists, Primals & Devils…

May you have more Gold & Power & Seductresses in your Inner Circle.

May the Quantum of your Regeneration be Limitless.

May your Legacy this year Ascend Beyond Dreams.

Happy New Beginnings.




I’d love some New Beginnings :wink:


Will mind’s eye be released in the next month too?
Happy new year to everyone!!!
Hope everyone makes this one their best year yet


Happy new year to this awesome family, hope u all have an amazing year ahead


Happy New Year, @Fire. Is Emperor Fitness the male equivalent of the Seductress or will that be another separate subliminal? I for one am looking forward to EF.


Happy new year and dont look back create the future. :muscle:


Emperor Fitness is a 4 stage subliminal for fitness.

Emperor Fitness will likely come a bit later. It will be this month for both.


Happy new year guys. Continue the journey


I wish everyone the best :sunglasses:


I recall saint quoting a post about male enhancement. Is that still making it into Emperor Fitness?


@RepaintProgram - I just asked above. It’s possible that it will be another sub. The male equivalent of The Seductress.


Do we know exactly what male enhancement will do ?. Other then enhance ??


@blackadder - it’s too early to say. SovereignSaint had replied that a subliminal is coming up which is the male equivalent of The Seductress along with male enhancement (since Seductress does have female enhancement). That’s all I know. Don’t know if it involves the sexual organs but if one can shape the breasts for women using Seductress, I feel that something similar can be done for men with regard to penis size. I might be jumping the gun here though so will wait until Emperor Fitness and Commandant to come out to give time to Fire to inform of any developments in this. Either that or we get this in Emperor Fitness.


Nice one Raphael thanks for the clarification. Lets of goodies to look foreward to coming from SC this month :smile:


Anything about this one?
And how instantly are you talking about? One or two listening?

I’m asking too many questions though, will end the post here :slight_smile: