GZ Stark journal


Hi there,

just started to use stark today.
this will my first journal for subclub product.
updates coming soon…


Welcome aboard!!!


welcome to family, son :facepunch:


Welcome . Keep us posted for this sub.


Hows your Stark Journey?


All right !!

It’s been 3 days now i feel normal, nothing special happened .
But i noticed small things:

  • For me EmperorQ was more pushy with a more immediate effect on my mood and my behavior.
    no on Stark Itself:

  • I’m slightly more social and friendly than usual and i’m starting to loose patience with people BS but not in an aggressive way.

  • I also find myself questioning my life style my goal.Since yesterday i was in a silent brainstorming
    about my career progression , the little things i do every day that i literally consider as a waste of time.
    I’m thinking about productivity in every way.
    I’m thinking about my short term and long term future basically.

with StarkQ it might take longer to really see the full effect of it but i like the fact that just like khan it is more subtle effects.
that’s all i have for now guys… see you in 3 days


i just went throught other’s starkq journal and i have he confirmation i’m not creazy