Greater brain capacity = Subliminals working faster?


Using QL, capacity of brain will Increase.

May I infer that, with greater brain capacity, mind can process Subliminals faster and thus process the massages faster i.e. faster results?

I.e. the same stack filled with many major programs will be less heavier for a post QL brain than for a pre QL brain ?

Please don’t mistake this, as me trying to take approval for buying more programs though. Just curiosity.

Edit: @SaintSovereign?


Quantum Limitless is surely affecting you positively in interesting ways. Are you still only on stage 1?

Increasing brain capacity, creativity, thinking patterns generally has different positive effects on all subliminal’s.


Still stage 1. Day 46.


Great. Keep going.


You could test it out with Beyond Limitless.


So you are saying that those wo do not get fast and good results with subliminals are dumb?


Lol, I love this

@mecharc ur turn


Technically, he said ‘those with greater brain capacity’, not those who are more intelligent.

Putting aside for the moment that i have no idea what exactly @mecharc means by ‘greater brain capacity’, it does nevertheless appear to be a different concept.


Unless you were channeling your inner Cathy Newman there, :smile:

I think @mecharc (in the voice of Morpheus) "He’s beginning to believe (in his stack)."


@myspace123 haha!

@Malkuth to make my comment more clear,

By greater brain capacity, I don’t mean concious intelligence.

I don’t exactly remember where I read it or if I saw it in a dream.

But, I had read that, people who use limitless, process other Subliminals faster.

So, I was inferring that after using QL, Subliminals will be processed even faster. So, could it be that the a Post Ql subconscious can process even more information at any one time.


This was actually a reference to that :joy:


haha! missed that reference completely.

@mecharc i thought it might be something like that, but didn’t want to put words in your mouth.


My 02 cents on this having run the beyond limitless supercharger and seeing benefits. Any increased capacity in comprehension and problem solving skills will aid you. But you also have to consider the emotional side. I believe there are different tiers to our mind. In the shallower tiers you can override emotional issues with strong reasoning skills and breaking apart assumption, challenging beliefs. When you get deeper though, you lose that. That’s because you start trying to converse with a part of yourself that is strongly influenced by emotion. That takes a different approach, you can’t bulldoze through that part believe me I’ve tried.

At different tiers I believe the approach needs to change. So to answer your question I do believe it can help, but it’s not the whole picture.